Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream Review

Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream Review:

I have always wondered about the use of a night cream in my skin care regime. For me, there was no difference between the concept of a day and a night cream 😛 . And I was happy either not applying anything on my face or following my CTM routine during the night as an alternate. But still a curiosity always remained as to know the difference a night cream could have on our skin. And this curiosity led me to buy the Nutranite night cream from Lotus Herbals. I have been using this cream from the last 15 days and can safely say that it does work.

lotus nutranite
lotus nutranite


According to the company :– Nutranite is a luxurious nutrient-rich night cream that helps renew the skin while you sleep. It works with skin’s own repair and replenishment system to undo the damage caused by dehydration and environmental exposure during the day. It boosts skin’s resiliency, strengthens natural defences while restoring firmness and smoothening imperfections. As a result, skin is supple and renewed in the morning.

Active ingredients :- Naturally derived Alpha Hydroxy fruit acids derived from grapes, nourishing Ginseng & Lily nectar.
Directions: After cleansing and toning the face, apply Nutranite in dots all over the face and neck area. Use finger tips to gently massage and spread the crème.
Skin Type: Suit all skin types.
Price: 295 INR for 50 grams.
Shelf Life: 3 years.


My take on the product:
I actually like this night cream. This is my first ever night cream and as I had not made much expectation from this concept so, by far I am happy using this cream.

Packaging: It comes in a glass container with a golden screw cap on top. Once closed, the packaging is leak proof and travel friendly but because of the glass container, there is a possibility of breakage and loosing the product. The ingredient list and the date of packaging and directions of use are all clearly mentioned on its cardboard encasing.

Texture: The cream is extremely light weight and vanishes like magic on the skin. It feels like silk in texture, very soft and fluffy  :D. I have used many creams from Ponds, Lakme, Vaseline, Nivea till date but I can easily say that this Nutranite has been the most light weight & soft to touch and feel from the others. Maybe, they all were not night crèmes so that may be the difference but still it takes very few seconds to get completely absorbed in the skin. No white cast, no extra shine after application.

lotus night cream swatch
lotus night cream swatch
lotus swatch spread
lotus swatch spread
lotus night cream blended
lotus night cream blended

Fragrance: I love its fragrance. It has a fruity smell. 😀 Yes, I can actually smell grapes and berries in it. 😛 And the best part is that the fragrance lingers on which you can smell mildly even after 1-2 hours of application. I can continue buying this product just for its lovely scent.
Effect: It leaves the skin soft and supple. I have dry skin which tends to get oily in this hot weather but still I do not feel any oiliness or stickiness on my face after applying this cream. I even tried it on my neighbour cum friend. She has oily skin and the same result on her too; she too did not find this crème sticky at all. So the claim to suit all skin types is properly met by this night crème.

The texture of the cream and the amount required for covering the entire face & neck region

That small amount when massaged covered half of my arm area.

Once entirely absorbed within seconds. No oiliness or stickiness observed
I apply this crème after washing my face with a face wash. Very small amount of the product is required to cover the entire face and neck region. I purposely skipped my daily CTM routine in the night just to know the effect this cream was making on my face. And the result was always the same. Soft and agile skin with no dryness or any stickiness the whole night till the next morning. It had not broken me out. So this crème does hydrate the skin making it more smooth and supple.
I cannot say much about the claim of repair and replenishment as I do not have problematic skin. My only worry is the dryness part which is clearly solved. But if anyone is facing some other problem like tanning or pigmentation can surely try out this product. It may live up to that claim too.

Pros of the Nutranite night crème:
• Extremely light to feel and gets absorbed quickly.
• Makes the skin soft and supple.
• Small amount of product required for the entire face and neck region.
• No extra shine or stickiness on the face. Actually after a few minutes it does not even feel as if anything is applied on the face.
• Effect lasts easily the whole night. One gets to see soft fresh skin in the morning and continuous use results in a healthy glowing skin.
• This much product would easily last for 2 to 3 months.
• Divine fruity fragrance.
• Suits all skin types.
• The company has not made any unnecessary claims of glowing or lightening of the skin. Whatever claims are made are fully appropriate for a night cream and it does live up to the mark.

Cons of Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream :

• Glass container packaging makes it more heavy and prone to breakage.
• One has to use her fingers to take out the product so better wash your hands to be more hygienic.
• Cannot say much about the claim of repair of the damaged skin.
• More amount of the crème applied can make the skin oily so be sure to take less product.
Finally I can say that there is a difference in a Day/Night crème, and one cannot be a substitute for the other. My Lakme Daily fairness day cream is thicker in texture which takes more time to get absorbed and even seems to give a white cast if not properly applied. It has SPF and gives a more matte finish to the skin where as my Nutranite night crème is very light weight and vanishes into the skin with minimum effort. It makes the skin more soft, seems to hydrate the skin giving a feeling as if not applied anything.

Ratings: 4/5 (-1 for the cons)
Recommend/ Repurchase: Yes, I am sure that a night cream is as useful as any day crème. So if one wants to take care of their skin during night time too, so better use a night crème. Its a good product which fulfils most of its claim and can be a good option to be tried out. I am sure to purchase it again till I get a better option than this one.

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95 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream Review

  1. Nids, awesome review. my lakme cream got over and i totally forgot to pick something new again. I’ll def get this one… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    1. :thanks: rati.. its really gud.. i too wanted to try the lakme 1 :shy: … & thts cheaper tooo but if u get this on offer then it’ll be a reasonable n gr8 creme.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

        1. n thanxx for mentioning about Lotus’s compact rati.. i’m using it these days n liking it tooo :yahoo: :yahoo: ..although the shade is natural, very slightly darker than my skin tone..

              1. oh!! I gave one of those to mom. :)) it was really nice. 🙂 May be you could try using it with a powder brush. The shade might work that ways for your skin tone. 🙂

                1. oh wow.. never thought about tht. yes.. now wud use my powder brush to apply it :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :pompom: :pompom: thankiisss :puchhi: ..vaise bhi tht sponge se a lot of product gets picked & then wasted.. 🙁

    1. :thanks: & same pinch meenakshi :toothygrin: .. this is my 1st night creme too.. n u wont regret buying this 1.. :nono: :nono:

  2. aaaah nice…. lotus has never dissapointd me wid its products…… :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:
    nice review nids :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  3. Wowww awesome review !! I have bought the Lotus Herbals Nutranite under eye gel recently,its good !!

    1. oh okk.. if the under eye gel is gud then i’ll also purchase tht :haanji: .. me too require an under eye gel :methinks: :methinks: .. thanxx for the info, tapaswini.. :rose:

    2. hey Taps, never knew they have under eye gel as well, I tried hard for aroma magic under eye gel, I cud not find it in H&G so bought the biotique one, am not really happy with that, but managing….will finish that off and pick this one…nice to know, can u pls review this gel :worship: :worship:

      1. akhila aroma magic has launched its eye gel in in new pakcaging. I guess that’s why it’s taking time to reach at all the places.

        1. Rati, you are best ambassador for this prod, pls tell me where can I find it in HYD. I tried in H&G and a wholesale store called 9 to 5 in Banjara Hills….Pls help :worship: :worship: :worship:

            1. hey Nids, AM prods are available in Health and Glow stores, there are two in Karkhana road, one in Jubilee Hills and one in Sindhi Colony, there may be more stores, but these are the ones I know of. Will surely let u know if there are any other stores for AM prods.

              1. thanxx akhila.. there’s a H&G store in Inorbit mall here which I mostly visit .. hav not seen AM there but wud luk next time i visit.. :haanji: :haanji:

  4. nice review Nids. Its lying on my shelf. I used it for few days and then I dont know why I stopped using it. ?:) ?:)
    Time to start again! :yes: :yes:

    1. gandi ladki :tongue: :tongue: .. go n start using it.. get up & apply rght now.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: i’m using it frm many days now & just can’t sleep b4 applying it.. it really works nicely.. :pompom: :pompom:

  5. very nice review nids !!!!

    ll surely get this one sumtym . . .lakme night cream heavily broke me out 🙁 then i got scared and donated it . . . hehehehe. . .

    1. thankuuu thankuuu rids.. :puchhi:
      lakme 1 broke u out… ohhh 😐 .. then better try this 1… till now i found everythng nice only about it.. :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

    1. yeah.. i too read in her pics vala post tht she’s using this same cream.. its quite gud :thumbsup: ..is the himalaya 1 scented,bhumika .. actually i like nice scented products so asking.. :toothygrin:

  6. Thanks fr the review Nids..I have pretty oily skin but I hope it’ll work for me too. Once the summers pass, I’ll pick this one up. I really like Lotus skin care products 🙂

    1. it works on oily skin too ankita.. i mentioned it here.. & 1 secret :secret2: , i even apply ths creme on my hubby who has oily skin, quite oily-i must say & on him also the effect is the same :hihi: :hihi: .. u may find an extra shine but thts it..rest it works in similar manner.. :haanji: :haanji:

      1. hehehe me tho give my all cream to my hubby which does not suit me…….i said it works good try ………and he just says koi nahi mein laga lunga paise tho wasool honge……..and more that he always says its really good for him :secret2: :shocked: :handshake:

        1. hey even I do this, the ponds white cream/gel broke me out big time, I presented that cream to my hubby (whose got fair skin tone) and said “this is for you :heart: :heart: :heart: to preserve your skin tone and eliminate wrinkles ” and he used all that cream, 500 ka kharcha, never gone waste for me, :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: so this helps u see…

          1. 😆 😆 😆 😀 :toothygrin: :toothygrin: .. gud work akhila & sim.. so there r others in experimenting wid their hubbysss tooo.. :high5: :high5:

        1. me too :high5: :high5: :handshake: :handshake: .. our shopping list will nvr end.. so live wid it now.. :announce: :announce: :announce: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:

    1. hi ayeedee..nice dp.. i luv zoozooosss :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: n thanxx.. yes tube form wud definitely b a better option.. :thumbsup:

  7. nice review nids……….me also using that lakme night cream…..but after finish it will try this one deff. :makeup:

    1. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: sim … u hav an owl pic as dp.. very cute owlii u r ,sim.. :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  8. hey thanks for reviewing this. I wanted to review it myself but I would have never been able to write so much in detail..I truly like it. works very well for me. I have tried many many brands in the past and after using them for even like a week or so I have had some problem or the other – dryness, pimples etc..but Nurtanite works great..i have oily to combination skin and this is just right for that type of skin.

    and for anyone who wants to give it a shot at just under 300 bucks its worth a try for sure.

    1. yeah aruna.. u r absolutely rght.. the brand lotus & the price r tempting enough for any1 to try it out & c the results.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  9. ya i wanted to review this myself but I wud have never been able to write so much so glad Nids did it.

    ya i love this one. this cream totally works for me. I have tried many many in the past – garnier, loreal, oil of olay etc etc but at some point they wud effect me like dryness or marks etc..this one well so far so good. will be sticking with this one for a long long time.

    so for those who want to try at under 300 bucks its worth a dekho for sure

  10. i wanted to review this one myself but am so glad Nids did it cos I wud have never been able to write so much 🙂

    so abt Nutranite – I can very happily say it works well for me (touch wood). i have tried many in the past and nothing else helped as much. i am glad i have a night cream that finally works. now if only an under eye cream wud be as effective!

    for those thinking abt it – at just under 300 bucks its worth a try

  11. Nids, wonderful review, I was bugging Aruna for this review yesterday and today morning got to see this :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I am on a hunt for a good night cream and this just helps….currently am using cetaphill moist lotion as a night cream, based on the numerous recos made on IMBB and based on Jahnavi;s un-ending love for the prod…I must say, I am super happy with that one, its just a good moist for night, I dont have to apply under eye cream or a lip balm as well, it just does the job of thorough moisturisation. thanks for the review this is on my wish list for night cream…

    1. this one is really nice Akhila. worth a try for sure but you have me a bit confused now becos you mentioned the cetaphil lotion works well as an under eye cream and a lip balm? :stars: i am currently using the Loreal under eye cream..hmm..shud i switch to Cetaphil just for the eyes and the lips? :woot: :woot:

      1. Aruna, this is my case, I am 30 yrs old, sensitive-combination-acne prone skin, have tried and won (I guess) the battle against acne with the help of all u IMBB friends, now trying hard to establish an adult like ctm routine for day and night, and the cetaphil lotion is just working fine for my kinda skin, yes I bot aroma magic under eye cream and biotique under eye gel, but without these prods also I am gettin the much needed moisturization, what I have observed is, if my facial skin is hydrated, my lips are hydrated and vice versa, if this helps, you can try it too….will meet and discuss more… LOVE YOU

        1. if u r happy cetaphil akhila.. then no need to switch.. coz i too hav read a lot of praise for cetaphil on imbb frm combi to oily skin ladies :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .. if u wanna giv this a shot then go ahead.. :waytogo: :waytogo:

  12. sorry guys..multiple messages..Rati did some ‘rescueing’ so many many messages of mine appear suddenly :yikes:

    1. 😀 😀 😀 I was also thinking aruna seems to b really very happy about this creme so she’s writing the same msg again n again.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
      :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: for u aruna.. :yahoo:

    1. oye koi salman khan vala bracelet nhi hai :spank: :spank: :spank: …its a silver bracelet with a lakmi ganesh , swastik coin in the middle.. :haanji: :haanji: :haanji: .. i’m supposed to wear it all the time.. :pray: :pray:

    1. oh wow.. nice :yahoo: :yahoo: .. i think its the best option for night creme so far.. wud wait for sum more nicer product’s review to cum by till then me also will keep buying this 1.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  13. it looks good ….. will get this after my himalaya one gets over….. lotus makes very good products 🙂 nice review nids 🙂

  14. I have extremely dry skin and use almond nourishing cream from aroma magic at night.Do u think nutranite will be a good alternative which will keep my skin hydrated and supple throughout the day?Since i have very dry skin will i have to apply more of the product to work on my dry skin?Will the product last for a month if i use it more?

  15. I used nutranite its gud bt since i have very dry skin i finish the product in 14 days so its nt that economical for me.Should i try the lakme nyt cream, any suggestions?

  16. BK has lavender facewash for dry skin its very gud.I have very dry skin so i wash my face with lavender face wash then apply almond lotion by BK.Can u suggest which is better for my dry skin lakme night cream or lotus nutranite or almond nourishing cream of BK to b used as a night cream?

  17. Pls tell me…this night cream is right for under 18 age or not???
    Im just 17+..
    Nd which one is the correct age for using this?

  18. hi guys,

    after reading up a bit about it, I bought this night cream. But i find that while it works very well on my face in general, it breaks my T zone out in a way no other cream has. I have combination skin.. any recommendations on how to use this better or maybe some other product?

    Appreciate your help. Thanks

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