Gossip Corner! When Bollywood Went The Scandalous Way!

Hi divas! I hope you all enjoyed my previous attempt to unearth some juicy scoops from our dreamland of Bollywood. As promised, I am back with more. Our film industry is a hub of the nastiest and tastiest fodder for media. So much so that some of the dailies literally live their way on the continuously running scandals. In fact, we all have grown up following and reading the “filmi” section of various magazines and newspapers to update our G.K. for our film stars. That was the way it went for 90s kids like most of us, because internet was not an active source back then (Oh my! Nostalgia). Anyway, so let me take you on another ride across the scandals and rumors that made way for gossip mills and columns.

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

The Dimple Kapadia Parentage Rumor!!

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

Who can forget the beautiful teenage romance of “Bobby”? It was a beautiful movie with two extremely good looking debutants. Cupid was bound to strike, and so it did. It is said that Rishi Kapoor fell hard for his co star Dimple, and even gave her a ring to prove his level of commitment to her. This was some serious business, and that is when, allegedly, daddy Raj Kapoor has been said to interfere. According to some sources, Raj Kapoor apparently told Rishi that he could not marry his own step sister!! The rumor spread like wildfire. Dimple resemblance to yesteryear’s starlet and Raj Kapoor’s ex-beau Nargis, did not help matters either. The news had media speculating that Dimple was the love child of Raj Kapoor’s affair with Nargis.

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

How much of it is the truth, or not, we still do not know. But one can’t help but wonder sometimes, isn’t it?

Divya Bharti: A Beautiful Story that Left Many Unanswered Questions…


The date 5th April 1993 brought a very sad day for Bollywood. A bright, young and beautiful starlet, who had been loved by all and sundry for her beautiful and innocent performances, had left us all forever. Divya Bharti, a bright star in the world of Indian cinema, had fallen to her death from a five-storey apartment building, in Mumbai. Till this date, there have only been speculations. Some said it was accident, some say it was suicide and some have even gone on to say that it might have been murder. The only thing which nobody has been able to figure out is the answer to the question “Why?”. If she claimed her own life, what was the reason for it, if she had been killed, what was the motive behind it? We can only speculate, we may never know. The death of this beautiful actress has till date, been the biggest mystery of Bollywood, which stirred scandals, but was never solved.

Akshay Kumar and a Series of Never Ending Flinges

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

If you stir the scandals of Bollywood, and do not mention the “Khiladi” Kumar, it would be an insult to the word “scandal” itself. It seems like the lad took the word too seriously and went on to play football with many hearts. In fact, we can do a whole article just dedicated to Akshay Kumar and his list of affairs. For now, we would have to do with a concise version of some “handpicked” scandals. 😉

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

It is widely known that Akshay had a very serious relationship with his co star Raveena Tandon, which she had gone on to accept publicly, and even condemn Akshay publicly after the latter had ditched her. What you might not be so aware of, was Akshay’s flinge with the veteran actress Rekha!! Allegedly, Rekha had fallen hard for the “Khiladi Kumar”, during the filming of “Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi”. One look at the scorching hot scenes featuring these two and you will totally get the scandal that had followed thereafter.

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

Did you know that reportedly, Twinkle was already pregnant when she and Akshay tied the knot?? It is said that daddy Rajesh Khanna had literally put the “bandook” on Akshay’s head, and hence this Casanova tied the knot. Time, a loving wife, and children, brought the sense of love and stability within this “Khiladi” of hearts.

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

For those who thought that Akshay was finally settled down as a loving hubby and father, the rumors again did the round when the alleged affair with his co star Priyanka Chopra came into lime light, in the year 2007. Though none of them admitted this publicly, for obvious reasons, the paparazzi had the gossip mills churning. Needless to say, their frequent public appearances didn’t help much either. Apparently, Twinkle handled this one quite efficiently, playing the wife’s card, and since then we have not seen Akshay and PC together, on or off screen.

Salman Khan & Aishwarya Rai – “Hum Dil Tod Chuke Sanam” 😉

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

Sad, sad, double, triple sad!! When these two came together for the first time in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s beautiful story of love, we all sighed, and fell in love with them together. Cupid granted its blessings and soon they were not only dating, but were serious enough for a future together. Apparently, Salman had refused to work in Mansoor Khan’s “Josh”, playfully stating “Use meri behan mat banao yaar.”

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

This beautiful started facing the real problems too soon. Be it Salman’s ex Soni’s allegations that Aishwarya was the reason for her break up with Salman, or the scene that Salman created outside Aishwarya’s bungalow. Also, the fact that Aishwarya’s parents were not in favor of her relationship with Salman. Salman also picked up a lot of fights along the way, trying to control Aishwarya’s career, which also did not go down too well with the actress. Finally, after two years together, the relationship breathed its last, when Aishwarya publicly claimed that Salman used to raise his hand on her, and that she was lucky to have all her bones intact.

Be it anyway, they were indeed the most beautiful couple, when together. While Aishwarya went on to become Mrs. Bachhan, Salman is still having a row of flinges, and none has been as serious as his love for Aishwarya had once been.

Sonakshi’s Uncanny Resemblance to Daddy Dear’s ex-flame Reena Roy

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

Though this one was not that great a scandal, still, Sonakshi’s debut had tongues wagging when she came out as an almost look alike of Reena Roy. The 1980s had witnessed a hot love affair between Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy, in spite of former being married. This further fuelled the allegations of Sonakshi being the love-child of the affair. However, the rumors were snubbed by both the parties, and Sonakshi, very legally remains Shatrughan and Poonam Sinha’s darling daughter. Though the resemblance is quite spooky when you spot it.

Bollywood went The Scandulous Way

So folks!! With this ends the two part series where I unearthed Bollywood’s most famous rumors and scandals for you. Do add the ones that I might have skipped. 😉

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