Green Tea and Egg Hair Mask for Soft Hair: DIY

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I hope everyone is in pink of health. I live in a hostel and I tend to experiment with different hair products. The quality of water is also not good here and it my hair been damaged a lot. I tend to lose a lot of hair and the ends have also become rough lately. When I came home last month, seeing the condition of my hair, one of my neighbors suggested me to try Green tea and Egg hair mask. Let me first list down the benefits of both the ingredients for hair.


Green tea:
• It helps in stimulating hair growth and softens hair.
• It contains polyphenols, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, which are known to boost lustrous hair.
• It contains catechins which help in repressing DHT or dihydrotestosterone which is the main cause of hair loss.
• A cup or two of green tea daily helps to reduce stress and depression which might be a cause of hair fall.

• The yolk of egg makes hair shiny, soft and lustrous and also prevents hair breakage.
• Egg whites are main sources of protein which make hair follicles stronger.
• It contains various vitamins which promote hair growth as well as prevent scalp from drying.
• The vitamins present in egg also protect hair from UV rays and pollution and improve the texture of hair.

How to make the hair mask:

Step 1:
Break 2 eggs in a bowl. I have medium length hair and 2 eggs are enough for the length. You could use 1 egg if u have short hair or 3 if u have very long hair.
Step 2:
Fill water in a cup to ½ of its size. Dip 2 green tea bags and let it brew for 5 minutes.
Step 3:
Add the freshly made green tea to the eggs and mix it properly. Do not add all of it at once. Add little by little so that the mixture is neither too thick nor too runny. You would get a light brown colored mixture.
Step 4:
Now tear open the green tea bags after they have cooled down and add the powdered green tea to the mixture. Mix the ingredients properly so that the green tea particles are evenly distributed.
How to apply the hair mask:

Start from the middle of the hair and apply the mask on the scalp. Then by making small parts apply the mask to whole of the scalp properly. After the scalp has been covered, apply the mask on hair. Make sure that the mask has been applied on ends properly.Keep the mask for 30 minutes it and then rinse it with warm water. Remove the hair mask completely with water before shampooing as due to application of egg hair becomes hard. Finish off with your shampoo and conditioner. Let your hair air-dry and you have soft smooth and shiny hair. Use this hair mask twice a week to get better results. If you have extremely dry hair you could add a few drops of any hair oil to it. I have been using this hair mask since a month and it has helped me in managing my hair fall a lot. The texture of my hair has also changed.
Hope this hair mask helps you with all your hair problems. Love you all..!!

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