Grooming Tips for Men

These days you can easily notice an increasing number of men paying attention to their grooming. Though, their reasons may differ i.e. some do it because they like it while others may be forced to maintain a well groomed image. Whatever the reason be, we like them better in suits than in dirty cowboy stuff, isn’t it?

grooming tips for men

It is a proven fact that people first judge you on how you look. Your nature and everything else comes second. Your grooming habits are one thing that you can change about yourself instantly. There is so much more to grooming than just running a comb through your hair, or at the most spraying on deodorants and perfumes.

In today’s competitive world first impression is what matters the most. Mentioned below are few grooming tips that will help you make an ever lasting impression on anyone you will meet.

Grooming Tips for Your Men:

• One thing that goes without saying is taking care of your body. Eat balanced meals and get your share of physical exercise. A good body makes a good impression and make you feel confident about yourself. Do not slouch and always walk straight because it projects assertiveness in a man.
• Taking care of your skin is equally important. Moisturizers are not made for women only, you have a fair share in them. Moisturize regularly to keep your skin nourished and drink at least two liters of water a day.

grooming tips for men

• Stray hairs sticking out in multiple directions looks awful and can mar your image. Shave regularly to make a positive impression. If you sport a beard or a moustache, then make sure it is trimmed neatly. Keep your hair conditioned. Dry frizzy hair won’t do you any good. Never let your hair look greasy and messy.
• Body odour is a big no no. Your entire look is wasted with a stench. If you sweat a lot then always keep anti perspirants and deodorants near you.


• Clean hands will make a positive impression. Women notice nice hands and hands play a make-or-break role in business meetings because of the importance of a handshake. Make a firm handshake when you meet someone. Limp handshake is the worst first impression you can create. Cut and file your nails regularly and also make sure that they don’t have any residue of food or dirt stuck in them.
• It’s no use wearing expensive shirts and branded trousers if you’ve got the fit wrong. Wear well fitted, clean and neatly ironed clothes.
• A man is judged by his shoes. Avoid wearing tattered shoes at all costs.

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