Hate Your Selfies? Become Photogenic with These Tips

How many of you try and escape being clicked? Sometimes I do when I don’t look that great! Many of us don’t like our pictures and would definitely want to be more photogenic and flaunt our pictures. So today I’ll share a few tips with you all that you can follow to be clicked gracefully.


• Always match the foundation with your skin color. A lighter shade would catch immediate attention when clicked with flash on.
• Apply a thin sheer layer of foundation as too much foundation looks cakey.
• Apply eye makeup before applying foundation to look fresher.
• Use powder to prevent a shiny face.

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• Fill in your eye brows using a slightly darker color since shades tends to look lighter in pictures.
• Pick warm check colors to add natural low to the face.
• Highlight your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.
• Control frizz using a spray before being clicked as flyaways are highlighted in photos.

• Try different angles. Facing the camera from the front can sometimes make your face appear big and broad.
• Tilt your head a little bit to highlight your cheekbones.
• Define your eyes using eyeliner very close to the lashes and apply a lot of mascara to bring the focus on to your eyes. This really open up your eyes.
• Use concealer to cover up the dark circles and brighten your eyes.
• Try to choose a white backdrop. It brightens your face. Let the light fall on your face.
• Take your pictures with the camera slightly elevated. It will help in elongating your neck and hiding that double chin.
• Do not take the picture too close. Keep the camera at a distance.
• Clicking in bright natural light will make your skin and hair look amazing.
• Look at the light source to make your eyes twinkle.
• Wear brighter lip colors and moisturize lips properly as dry flaky lips are a put off in pictures.


• If you are doing a close up, then focus on one feature like your eyes or maybe your lips.
• Use the back camera instead of front camera as it captures higher resolution photos.
• Use different props to add character to the photos.
• Try different smiles and choose the one that suits you best. Replicate the same smile in your selfies.

Clearly, Mouni Roy’s selfie game is quite strong as she manages to look so attractive in each one of them. If you love clicking awesome selfies too, this is your chance to ace the game. And, if you’re not yet crazy about selfies, you will become if you click them with the help of above-mentioned tips and tricks.

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