Himalaya Jasmine Soothing Body Butter Review

Body Skin Type: Normal to Dry

Hello, ladies!

Today I am talking about Himalaya Jasmine Soothing Body Butter. This butter is specially formulated for pregnant women but is just like the normal body butter that can be used by everyone. Let’s get into the review.

Himalaya Jasmine Soothing Body Butter Review

Price: INR 320 for 200ml

Himalaya Jasmine Soothing Body Butter Claims

My Experience with Himalaya Jasmine Soothing Body Butter:

The body butter comes in various sizes and all of them come in a round plastic jar with a green cap. Inside the jar, a tray covers the cream nicely. I couldn’t find a smaller size and so I have the 200 ml jar. I am not a fan of such jar packaging as I don’t find it hygienic. But, you get ample butter for the price you pay. I am a huge fan of jasmine and I like everything made of jasmine. This jasmine body butter smells heavenly, just like fresh jasmine flowers. The fragrance is a little strong. I love this fresh, pleasant scent but it doesn’t stay on for long.

Himalaya Jasmine Soothing Body Butter Packaging

The body butter has a thick creamy texture that glides smoothly on the skin. It feels a little heavy on the skin at first but, with a little massage, it gets nicely absorbed into the skin, leaving a soft and silky finish. Only a coin size amount of the cream is required for my body and then it blends easily. This body butter instantly provides great relief to dry skin and also imparts a fresh, soothing effect. It doesn’t feel greasy on my skin. I don’t know why but only the lavender one feels a little greasy on skin. This one is good enough for all skin types.

Himalaya Jasmine Body Butter

This body butter is rich in cocoa butter that makes skin super soft and provides deep hydration to it. My skin looks healthy and glowing, and the heavy consistency of the butter heals the skin. Regular usage of this butter changes the texture of the skin for better. Also, my skin remains soft for long. The staying power of this one is around 9 hours on my normal skin and I need not reapply this in the hot season. I prefer to apply this at night so that I wake up with healthy and moisturised skin. Overall, I love jasmine and this fresh body butter too. This one feels amazing and lightweight on the skin. It makes my skin soft, smooth and silky. Even though this product is mainly meant for mums, everyone can use it. It is a rich body butter that provides moisturisation.

Himalaya Jasmine Soothing Body Butter Swatch

Pros of Himalaya Jasmine Soothing Body Butter:

⦁ Affordable.
⦁ Comes in various sizes.
⦁ Amazing fresh jasmine scent.
⦁ Creamy texture glides smoothly on the skin.
⦁ Gets absorbed perfectly.
⦁ Doesn’t feel greasy.
⦁ Makes skin soft and moisturised.
⦁ Heals dry skin.
⦁ Feels fresh and soothing on the skin.
⦁ Skin remains soft for a long time.
⦁ Repairs dry skin and makes it healthy.
⦁ Good for all skin types.
⦁ Can be used in winters too.

Cons of Himalaya Jasmine Soothing Body Butter:

⦁ Unhygienic jar packaging.
⦁ Fragrance doesn’t last long.

IMBB Rating: 4.7/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Himalaya Jasmine Soothing Body Butter?
Yes to both. I am highly recommending this to everyone.

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