How To Apply Liquid Foundation Tutorial

How To Apply Liquid Foundation Tutorial

how to apply liquid foundation

Start with a moisturiseed skin, apply sun screen after that. Also apply lip balm. If you have oily skin or big pores apply a primer or a pore minimizer.


There are various brushes you may use to apply liquid foundation. I have three. The regular standard foundation brush, a duo fiber brush and Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush.

foundation brushes

Today I would be using the standard foundation brush. Warm up the foundation at the back of your hand using a foundation brush.

foundation warm

Start from the centre of your face and move towards the hair line., Move your brush in criss-cross and outward motion.

center of face

Don’t forget ..

the sides of the nose

sides of nose



and especially the neck.


A very small but an important step now. Hold your foundation brush flat andΒ  loose. Now lightly pat the brush on your face. Keep patting until your cover your full face. This would not only set your foundation but would also help you get rid of any streaks. Hence, a flawless foundation application.


Next Step : Concealer

I use a fluffy eyeshadow brush for my concealer application. I have not been able to get such flawless and even concealer application with any other brush so far.


Now dot the concealer under your eyes, on the sides of the nose, on blemishes, around the edges of your mouth or anywhere where you need concealing. Blend away with brush till everything looks seamless.

Tip : Tilt your face down. This way you’d be able to able to see the “rings” of your under eyes and you’d be able to conceal better.



I used two kind of powders for my face. Loose Powder- for setting the under eye concealer because I feel the compacts sometimes can make the under eye area look cakey.Compact : For Face.

powder two

under eye powder

face powder

Blush :

I apply blush in upward outward way. this sort of contours my face giving it a slimmer look. Also, it uplifts the features.

blush & brush

blush position

Eyes : Keeping it very simple with kohl, brown eyeshadow and mascara

mascara kohl

faces eyeshadow

Apply Kohl on waterline

kajal apply

Smudge it lightly with brown eyeshadow and apply mascara. This would set your kohl and prevent it from moving.

brown eyeshadow

Fill in your brows with same brown eyeshadow.

eyebrow brown

Finish off with your favourite lipstick and you are done. πŸ™‚

Done!! πŸ™‚

Hope you like it. πŸ™‚

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  6. Nice and detailed tutorial Rati !! :rose: :rose: -I often face this problem- that the finish gets streaky at times while blending with hands :shame: :shame: ..learnt how to get rid of that in this tut… :love: :love: :love:

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    which is that eye shadow combo ? and Blush?

    1. oh okayy-

      MUFE HD foundation
      Concealer- select moisture cover
      Blush : Colorbar Peachy Rose
      Powders – TBS Loose powder, Chanel Vitalumiere compact
      Lipstick: MAC Cosmo
      Eyeshadow is the Faces Beachwood eyeshadow trio. It’s fantastic Bhumika. Bt you know buy it during sale. it would be a sale na from next month onwards they have discounts during that time. πŸ™‚

      1. Rati, any idea where MUFE is available in Chennai? I’m currently using MAC studio fix, and like it.. but have heard rave reviews about MUFE

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    I always applied foundation using a sponge but now on, i wud use a brush… I just purchased a kabuki recently. I use tinted moisturiser, can i use the brush technique for that too ????

    1. tarry i think for TM it’s best to use fingers. it is sheer as it is and the brush would suck up most of the product. I think… you may just apply with fingers and dab it with sponge to get rid of streaks. Thank you. πŸ™‚

      1. Oki rati… point noted πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

        But for foundations like maybelline mousse? can i use the brush…

        1. Oh BTW!!

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        2. I feel mouse foundations are best used with finger tips coz the heat between the fingers sort of melt the foundation . that helps in spreading the product easily and smoothly. after that you can buff the foundation with a kabuki brush. works great!

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