How to Avoid Summertime Beauty Mistakes

By Nancy Shaw.

Hi everybody,

Summer is here already!! Can you believe it? All the unrelenting scorching heat and the sweating and the stickiness…urrgghhh!!!! Winters are so much better for makeup; you don’t have to think about the sweating or the temperature. Don’t go on hating summers already! During summers, you can go all out on the pinks, the greens, the blues, the yellows, it’s burst of colors this season.
How to Avoid Summertime Beauty Mistakes
We know that you need to keep in mind some pointers in order to avoid the common mistakes for skin and body in summers. Take a look;

Face :

• Do not continue the moisturizer from the winters; those moisturizers are heavily cream based, and during the summers they tend to break out skin, and also they catch a lot of dust and become more problematic.

• Do not use darker shades products; dark is good for the winters; keep those shades for winters only. Use lighter shade of lipsticks, lip-gloss (my personal choice during summers), eye shadows and blushes. It has a soothing effect on your look and the person looking at you too 😉

• Use water-proof makeup: this is really important, because a non-water-proof product starts smudging after sometime, because of all the sweating. So switch to waterproof products, eye liners, kajal and mascaras especially.

• Do not put lot of face powder; you don’t want to do that. The face powder won’t absorb the moisture, and it will become cakey after some time. Instead go light on powder. Personally, I don’t use face powder at all during the day-time routine or when I have to spend a lot of time in the sun, chances are you will keep wiping your face as it is. Use a tinted moisturizer or water-proof foundation closest to your skin shade; go for that sun-kissed look.
summer beauty
• Do not forget the SPF: this should qualify as a crime in the summers or ever, make sure all the products that you apply should have requisite amount of SPF of 15 or more. Make sure the moisturizer, foundation and any other products you apply have SPF. As the name suggest SPF is sun protecting factor, so you know it’s important. You should make sure that the lip balm should also have SPF.

• Use shades:it’s important to protect your eyes from the harsh scorching heat. Make sure you have your eyes protected, always use glasses. Covering your head with a cap or scarf goes a long way in protecting your hair and health.

Hands and Feet:

• Do not ignore them; they get the least attention. Make sure to keep them moisturized, manicures and pedicures are always beneficial especially during the summers.
• Skip flip flops; though they are very comfortable, but they tend to make the foot very dry. Make sure you apply extra moisturizer before going out.
• Exfoliation; exfoliate regularly with mild scrubs or homemade scrubs. Don’t forget the pumice stone just because it’s summer. Removal of dead cells helps feet stay healthy and hydrated.
• Go bang-bang on nail polishes: I love to play riot with nail polish shades, select a bright shade that compliments your skin tone and rock them.

Few general tips for summers:

• Always keep face wipes or cotton soaked in rose water handy. Using them keeps the skin cool and refreshed, but don’t go overboard. Use them twice or thrice in a day. Always keep aloe gel at home; this is great for skin during the summers.
• Even though you have used SPF containing products make sure that you wear clothes that cover your arms and legs, they cut the direct contact with sunlight hence, preventing tanning to a great extent. Choose your clothes carefully keeping in mind the time to be spent under the sun and the material of the clothes.
• After returning home, use a soothing de-tan pack. I prefer homemade stuff, so I apply yogurt on face and neck for 5-8 mins and then wash off. You can also make a paste of ripe papaya paste and yogurt. Apply this paste for 10 mins and then wash with cool water. This is a great de-tan pack.
• To control the amount of sweating in the under-arms, make sure you apply an antiperspirant before going to sleep. This gives the deodorant time to work properly. Also apply this after shower. You will notice reduction in sweating.
• If in a hurry and you don’t have enough time to shampoo, try using baby powder in the scalp. But be careful in using the amount. The powder absorbs the moisture and makes the hair look fresh and bouncy. But in any case, do shampoo your hair in a 3 days interval. Include a hair-enriching pack in you weekly routine. Our hair is exposed to sunlight for long time. They loose a considerable amount of hair oil and protein, hence hair enriching packs go a long way in protecting hair.
• Keep yourself hydrated. Drink enough water. It shows on your skin. Include fruits in your diet. Hydrated skin looks more fresh and healthy.
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• Although it might not seem important, but do work out. Proper exercise helps increasing the stamina and strength. We know how easy it is to get tired.

I hope you enjoyed the tips, keeps these points in mind next time you go out in this scorching sun. do share more tips. Enjoy.

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  1. I have already started doing these things – packing up on powder, skipping the moisturizer, and avoid dark shades of lippies and other makeup 🙂 thank yo for the tips Nancy 🙂

  2. Very well written, helpful Nancy! On a side note, I love the model’s (first pic) nail and lip color. Wonder which shades those would be?

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