How to Do Your Own Makeup Like Professionals

Hi ladies,

How are you doing? I have been MIA for a long time and now I am trying to get hold of myself. Writing for IMBB makes me so happy and I need this happiness so much that I literally postponed a few little things and made myself sit with my favorite ginger tea. Today’s article is to help everyone who is tired of paying huge amount of money to ‘parlour-walis’ and expensive salons to get a professional makeup done for special occasions. I am going to tell you one thing very honestly; you can do your own makeup better than anyone else. Let’s begin the class and explore some secrets of professional MUAs to get a salon like makeup look every day.


1. Crisp eyeliner:


Professionals give a very crisp eyeliner, because they keep their hands steady while doing it. A clean and sharp eyeliner makes a big difference and to achieve that you need this tiny tip. Rest your elbow and your hands. How? Well, while applying eyeliner, make your elbow rest on a table and your hand (smallest finger to be precise, rest of the fingers and thumb are busy holding the wand lol) somewhere on the chin. Be comfortable and you’ll feel steady. This will help you nail the sharp crisp eyeliner like Pro.

2. Using a magnifying mirror for eye makeup:


A MUA can see your eye better than you, while doing makeup that’s why they blend well. To compensate this, you need a nice magnifying mirror for eye makeup.

3. Doing the base makeup right:


Well, this has a lot to take care off like;
• Choosing right shade of foundation.
• Apply well in every corner with a beauty blender or buffing brush.
• Choosing right type of primer.
• Not forgetting ears and neck.
• Highlighting and contouring in a subtle way.
• Setting base in place with a setting powder.

When you take care of all these things, it’d be hard to go wrong and have a messy base. Avoiding cakeyness is also one aspect you need to take care off by using minimum product.

4. Invest in a good setting spray:


I learnt it after I had so many awkward melting face incidents. A good setting spray locks all your hard work and keeps your makeup going in extreme temperature fluctuations.

5. Get basic makeup tools:


These include;
Makeup brushes
• Makeup sponges
Eye lash curlers
Blotting papers
• Lots of Q-tips

6. Perfect pout:


For that perfect pout, remove all the discoloration around your mouth and color correct the whole face to begin with (on special occasions, not feasible with everyday makeup routine). Use a lip liner to create an outline and use it to fill in the lips also. Then, apply your lipstick and see the difference. The longevity increases, pigmented lips will be gone and all you see is the true bullet color of the lipstick on your lips.

7. Understand your face shape:

This is one great thing about makeup. Once you understand your face shape and realize where to contour and highlight in order to make it chiseled and more appealing, you are going to do every makeup look fleek. To get a hold of this understanding, you can search for your face shape doppelganger on internet and try contouring according to that. Such face makeup will give a pro-like makeup look without emptying your pockets.

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