Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Tips for Your Eye Shape

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Smokey eye look is the most sought after look and is classic as well as versatile. Did you know you could play around with different smokey eyes according to your eye shape? Let’s find out more about it.

smokey eyes

Close Set Eyes:

close set eyes

1. When your eyes are quite close together, your purpose should be to balance the eyes and make them look further apart.
2. The trick here is to use light colors on the inside part of your eyelid and concentrate dark colors on the outside for maximum effect.
3. You can use a reflective shadow on the inner corners to make them appear wider apart as well as on your brow bone to highlight.
4. To do a quick smokey eye, divide your eye into thirds and apply the base to your lid, concentrating on the inner corner. Blend your medium shade in from the middle of your lid outward and use the darkest color on the very outer corner of your eye, extending the shadow outward a little to counterbalance the closeness of the eyes.

Wide Set Eyes:

wide set eyes

1. Your goal should be to create the illusion that your eyes are closer together instead of farther apart.
2. You can visually create this by blending your shadows inward instead of outwards.
3. Brush the lightest eye shadow color over your lid and brow bone. Then bring the color from the outside corner of your crease to the inside by using a medium shade. Deepen the color of your smoky eye by using a darker shade and brush it along your upper lash line working from the outside in, then pull the color up into the crease of your eye slightly.

Monolid Eyes:

mono lid eyes

1. If the skin between your brows and lash lines looks totally smooth, with little to no crease at all then you need to add a dimension to your eyes with the help of different colours.
2. Choose the darkest shadow and apply it closest to your lash line to create depth. Using the medium tone, go over your eyelid and blend upwards. Follow with the lightest colors at the top of the eyelid to finish off your gradual look!
3. You can finish it off with jet black eye liner for a defined, winged cat-eye and using a softer shadow shade, line the bottom lash line to create the appearance of bigger (more open) eyes.

Hooded Eyelids:

hooded eyes

1. Hooded lids make the eyes to look partly closed. You need to avoid applying a dark shadow all over the eyelid as this could accentuate the lid and make it appear heavier.
2. Use a medium shade and brush it on from the outer corner of your eye and bring the color up and also on the lower lash line as well. Then take your contour shade and layer it on top of the medium one to accentuate the depth of your smokey eye. Now you can highlight the inner corner of your lower lash line and your brow bone to make your eyes look wider.

Deep Set Eyes:

deep set eyes

1. Having deep set eyes means your eyes have a deeper crease. The goal to balancing your features is to pull your eyes forward, while pushing the brow bone back.
2. Avoid applying dark shadow over your entire lid for your smoky eye, as this could give your eyes an even deeper appearance.
3. Cover the whole lid with a lighter shadow as a base, and then use a black eyeliner pencil to line all the way around your lash line. Go very light on the shadow as your eyes are already deep set and do NOT bring it up to the brow bone or the crease.
4. You can also try warm beige or metallic peach smokey eye to bring your eyes out and enhance them.

Prominent Eyes:

prominent eyes

1. Prominent eyes have so much lid space to work with; a smoky eye works wonders on your eye shape!
2. As we know darker shades create the illusion of depth, so you can apply darker tones all over your eye with thick liner along your lash line.
3. Start by highlighting the brow bone area and then cover your entire lid with a base colour. Brush a medium shade on the outer corner of your eye and use a dark shade to line your top and bottom lash line. Add some of the dark shade to the middle of your lid and blend effortlessly.

Downturned Eyes:

downturned eyes

1. For downturned eyes, you will want to enhance the outer corners of your eyes, drawing attention and creating balance to appear them look lifted.
2. Apply a light base to the entire lid as well as inner corners and brow bone. Brush a medium shade from the middle of your lid to the outer corner and then blend an even deeper color right in the most outer corner of your eyelid. Now you can use liquid eyeliner to create a bold winged cat-eye.

Almond Eyes:

almond eyes

1. Almond eyes have a natural lift at the outer corners, which is also an ideal shape for smokey eyes. The whole point here is to emphasize the lift of the eyes.
2. Glittering smokey eyes will also perfectly accentuate such a beautiful eye shape.
3. Divide the lid surface in half and apply a light shade to the inner half and a medium shade to the outer half and blend. Now use a dark shade and line the outer corner of both your upper and lower lash line to enhance the natural eye shape.

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  1. Vandana I really haven’t found out till date what is my eye shape,I have read about different eye shapes but haven’t figured it out yet.I am still confused,sometimes I feel they are hodded,sometimes I feel they are almond shaped,great confusion . Anyhow those were some awesome tips sweety.

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