How to Get Rid of Whiteheads without Pain

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Today I am going to share a quick yet the most effective method ever to remove white heads! Thankfully I don’t have any acne *touch wood* however, every now and then I tend to get one or two whiteheads on my face. I know it’s not suggested to pop a whitehead, however let’s be honest it’s one of the hardest things to resist yourself from doing! And sometimes the situation calls for a clear face! What to do then? Pop the pimple? NO! Popping the pimple by squeezing it is the worst thing to do ever! Not only is it super painful, it leaves the area red and puffy and there are very high changes of getting an infection in the surrounding areas. Here is a way of getting rid of your whitehead without any pain in no time! Yes you heard it right, let’s get started!

Whiteheads Without Pain

Here’s what you’ll have to do…

• Take a toner or antiseptic and clean the area surrounding your whitehead with it.
• Take a small quantity of water and bring it to boil.
• Let the water cool down a bit, don’t bring it to room temperature or anything, you want the water to be hot! But not so hot that it burns your face so keep checking the temperature.
• Now take a clean washcloth. No your old washcloth won’t work; use a washcloth that is totally clean.
• Once you have got your water to reach the right temperature, dip a small portion of your washcloth into the water and squeeze access water. (Make sure the water is hot)


• Now take your washcloth and place it over the whitehead and keep holding it for about a minute.
• Now gently rub your washcloth away from the whitehead in one direction only.
• You will notice that the white head is gone! Yes it’s that simple!
• Now take an ice cube or aloe vera gel and apply over the area. You are done!

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads without Pain

The conditions in which this technique will work are..

• Make sure that your whitehead is at least a day old.
• Sorry this won’t work on newly appeared whiteheads.
• The best way to make this work is by applying tea tree oil or Aloe Vera gel on the whitehead the previous night.
• If you don’t get it right in the first try, try again.
• Don’t rub to and forth while using the washcloth! Just rub in one direction only once! You don’t want the infection to spread everywhere.


Few things to keep in mind for preventing whiteheads..

• Make sure you drink 3-4 litres of water everyday. This will bring a lot of benefits and also help prevent pimples.
• Don’t eat a lot of mangoes or oils everyday. Have everything in moderation.
• Use face wash everyday before going to bed.
• Make exfoliation a regular habit.

I hope you guys found this helpful. I won’t suggest removing every whitehead in this way as everything has its drawbacks but this is an incredible technique for removing whiteheads every now and then. I love that it doesn’t leave behind a reddish skin nor is it painful. Make sure you try this out!

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    1. Hehe! I know it can sound painful but it’s actually not even tad bit painful *promise*! Definitely try it out you won’t be unsatisfied 🙂

  1. Just tried this method ..& IMBBianz this thing really really works !! Thank you so much Vanya for sharing this super easy and effective way !! (:

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