Products To Remove Whiteheads: Ask IMBB

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Shimi M. asks:

Please tell me any good product for whitehead removal.

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6 thoughts on “Products To Remove Whiteheads: Ask IMBB

  1. exfoliation is the key to blemish free skin! for me chemical exfoliation works much better than normal scrubs..i highly suggest you to try sebamed clear face cleansing foam..its works fab in eliminating whiteheads, zits , acne etc also for stronger results apply benzoyl peroxide 2.5% (Benzac AC is available easily in all medical shops) ointment on the areas in the night time..this helped me to completely eliminate zits.
    also drink lots of water and don’t get stressed..exercising half an hour in a day also helps alot 🙂

  2. I personally love medimix soap. I have oily skin during summers & trust me its a saviour.
    Try to wash your face 3-5 times during summers if you have extremely oily skin.

  3. not sure about the products but i have some tips 🙂

    never squeeze the white heads as tempting as that can be 🙂
    scrub upwards and immediately after a bath – recd this tip recently
    drink lots of water.

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