How to Style Frocks for Ladies

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Frocks or dresses, whatever you like to call them, are an essential outfit and an important part of our wardrobe. This post is all about different ways to style your frocks and add a simple and beautiful twist to them.

1. A Fringed Kaftan Jacket:

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A fringed kaftan jacket is the easiest way to add something more to your plain or printed simple frock. Aren’t kaftans today’s ‘trend’? They essentially are. Especially, a fringed version of kaftan would enable you to flaunt your frock in a great way. The fringes should be preferably thin and heavy and the kaftan jacket should be even and plain so that you get a weighed-down fringe look and your frock remains more attractive – more visual!

2. A Knee-length Necklace:

Blank with a necklace and flowers on green background

What do you think about a knee-length ornamental necklace? The longest beaded necklace is about 980 inches, but you don’t need anything that long. To add a pinch of glamor to your dress, you can simply add a sparkle beaded necklace that is long enough to reach your knees. Preferably, it can be a bit heavy so that it stays in place, looking like an essential part of your dress. You could either get a coral knee-length necklace. Coral necklaces come in a variety of colors. They let you play the color combination game! Knee-length necklaces can be tough to carry, though it is just a matter of time.

3. Rock Your Frock with a Long Flannel Jacket:

Fashion studio portrait of beautiful woman with amazing hairs and beautiful face, wearing bright smoky rock make up, and big relaxed grunge plaid shirt.

A long flannel jacket is a plus when you don’t want to go ‘sleeveless’ with your casual frock.

4. Adding a Lavish Homemade Ribbon Bow:

sophisticated elegant lady in red dress with a big bow and jewellery looking in camera with arrogant expression

This is probably for those who are looking to get their dresses/frocks styled at home itself, without disturbing your bank account. This is not only simple, but also affordable, and fun to do as well. Here is a complete tutorial on how to make a ribbon bow. Make a ribbon bow with the clothes which aren’t in use, or buy some. Bigger the bow, more attractive your frock will be!

5. Cuffing up the Sleeves:

Sensuous young beauty in black dress, looking down

Shirt dresses are getting into the trend. And, you can make them even trendier just by cuffing up the sleeves. Most shirt dresses come with long sleeves that do not really look that attractive. So, next time you get into a shirt dress, make sure to cuff the sleeves up and add a casual cowboy style to your simple shirt dress/frock. Moreover, if you have a check shirt dress, it will be a plus.

6. Getting a Fringed Hemline:

Sensuous young beauty in black dress, looking down (2)

Most of the times, we keep the hemline simple. It is generally not considered as a part of the frock to be styled. But, it can be. The hemline is basically the lower edge line of a dress/frock. Generally, it is styled by adjusting/managing the lengths – ankle length, length touching the floor, etc. But in case, you’re looking to try something exotic and fringe-y, this is something for you. Just ask a boutique professional to fringe the hemline of your frock/dress. Ask for your favorite type of fringes, the length that you want, and width that would look the best. For a more glamorous look, ask your designer to get some beads into those fringes. This wouldn’t cost much.

7. Adding Glam to Frocks with Body Shimmer:

people, holidays and glamour concept - smiling woman in evening dress over lights background

This may sound weird, but this is a great way to transform your boring frocks into something that can be casual and party wear at the same time. Plus, if your body shimmer isn’t in use right now, get it into use with this super-sparkling idea. And in case, you don’t find using body shimmer right, you can substitute it with artificial craft shimmer/sparkle powder.
Step-by-step tutorial:
• Get your boring frock out of the wardrobe and a glue gun.
• Dab some glue here and there as quick as possible. Quick is creative!
• Become your own designer by sprinkling shimmer powder/dabbing body shimmer – everywhere you could reach.
• Daah-daah, it’s done.

8. Bead it:

Beautiful young woman in dress isolated on white

As mentioned earlier, the hemline can be styled just the way you style the other parts of a dress. Here’s another way to do it. The hemline can be pretty, when simple. But, it can be more glamorous when accessorized in the best way possible. Get some beads – some colorful beads. In case, you have a plain black or a printed black frock, you could get red or blue beads. Choose a bead color that will look more vibrant and glamorous! Here’s how you do it. Please choose a sleeveless dress.
• Bead your frock’s lower-most hemline.
• Bead your frock’s sleeve hemline.
• Bead every edge.

9. Ombre Dye Your Dress:

Salma Hayek at the premiere of AFTER THE SUNSET at the Ziegfeld Theater, NY November 9, 2004

Styling doesn’t only mean adding subtle accessories to your frock. Ever thought about dying your frock? And that too with ombre style? This is for those who are bored of their plain (super-plain) cotton dresses and are about to throw them away. If you have a keen hand on artistry, this idea can be a boon to you!
Step-by-step tutorial to dye your frock:
• Take a tub + add hot water.
• Add enough hot water so that your frock gets fully into the water and can float freely.
• Add table salt to the hot water and stir well so that it dissolves. Use a spatula or anything like that. Keep your hands away!
• Pour in enough drops of your favorite fabric dye (RIT dye)
• Move a spatula through the water in a single move so that the dye mixes beautifully in a single move. Or rather, mix the dye well so that it mixes totally.
• Dip the part of your dress, which you wish to dye, into the tub.
• Your plain frock just got the funk.

Preferably, dyeing the hemline is a bit trendy and funkiest. Plus, it looks professional.
Tip: The dress should be either made of cotton or rayon or any material similar to them.

10. Get a Belt:

A beautiful young woman in vintage dress on a red wall

Adding a belt to your frock, that freely flows down from your bust, would help you look fit. Especially, if you have a well-toned body and bust, add a belt to your frock and you’re all set to go. Set the day on fire!

Which is your signature style? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. frocks are really best for indian monsoon, all styling tips in this post are worth trying, nice off shoulder frocks with shirts or denim shrug also look chic. great post, cheers, xoxoxo

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