How To Wear Blue Lipstick Like a Celebrity

Well, today we would be talking about how to wear blue lipstick. Have you ever tried wearing blue lipstick? The world went gaga over Aishwarya Rai after she wore a sort of blue cum purple lipstick. It was not only Aishwarya Rai but many other celebrities have been rocking this trend quite often and they nail it perfectly.

You don’t need to be perfect, all you need is follow these simple tips and tricks to rock blue lipsticks.

1. Blue lipstick ideas:

How to wear blue lipstick and nail it like a professional dual

These eye-popping colors are really good to be amazed at, but what about putting them on your lips? Rocking the blue lipstick is the weirdest yet trendiest lip shade in the market. On an exciting note, soon after celebrities showed off their blue pouts, people started experimenting this on their own. If you are the one who loves blue on lips and failed every time doing that, here are few easy and simple tricks. There are a wide variety of blue lipsticks available in the market starting from light blue to purplish blue. You can mix other lipstick with blue lipstick to create a new spectrum of lip color. You can mix royal blue lipstick along with bright pink and any kind of red shades that will give your lips coral and wine tints. You can try mixing some other hues with blue and get to know the exact result.

2. Select the blue color lipstick carefully:

How to wear blue lipstick and nail it like a professional blue

You should select the blue shade very carefully as there are wide variety of blue hues available in the market. You should think which will suit you the best. Bold or unique? Cheap or luxury? Just check with your choices and go for it.

3. Use lip liner:
Using lip liner is extremely important when you are wearing blue lipstick. Using a dark blue color lip liner can help to give proper borders to the lips and also make your lips look clean and neat. If you feel that lip liner is not necessary, compare the effects yourself.

4. Never gloss:
Generally, blue lipsticks look good in matte finish. Do not give gloss effect to your lipstick because they might end up looking tacky and cheap. Avoid adding any shiny or glossy element to the lips. If needed, dab some balm on the centre of the lips after applying the lipstick.

5. Foundation:
You should avoid making your face look extreme whitish or cakey as wearing blue lipstick over it can give a very bad impression. Blue lipsticks generally go well with all kind of skin tone but girls with dusky skin can carry it like a pro.

6. Carry it with confidence:
So what if all are wearing red and you are the only one with blue? Don’t worry girls, your striking blue color will turn some heads and make people go mad over you. Don’t worry if you face criticism, because you can be best next time.

7. Applying using a lip brush:

How to wear blue lipstick and nail it like a professional brush

The best technique that can help to apply blue Lipstick is using a lip brush. These kinds of bold colors blend well throughout the lips if applied in brush.

Here are some celebrities rocking the blue lipstick trend;

And the blue lipstick started after the fashion world went crazy over Amber Rose wearing blue lipstick.


When talking about bold shades and lipsticks, Rihanna definitely knows how to rock it.

How to wear blue lipstick and nail it like a professional rihanna

The lady who turned heads with her blue lipstick on red carpet – Aishwarya Rai

How to wear blue lipstick and nail it like a professional aish

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