How your Skin Changes with Your Menstrual Cycle

Our menstrual cycle can really mess up with our mind and body. Those food cravings, mood swings and the nastiest of all is the capability to fender bender our skin; nasty zits, whiteheads and turning our skin into that oil tank are what we get to face each month. Your hormones cause all this chaos, and you can take some preventive measures to save your beautiful complexion.

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Oily Face- About two weeks prior to your period: Oiliness is at its peak when you are in your last fourteen days, all thanks to the low levels of estrogen and high levels of androgen in your body. You get to face unwanted zits and blocked pores this time around. If you have an acne-prone skin, this may be one of the most troublesome times for your skin.
This happens because, your hormones are imbalanced and due to the high testosterone levels in the body will cause the sebaceous glands to produce excess oil. Your scalp will feel greasy and clogged pores will lead to acne. To save your skin, use acne fighting cleansers that will not strip the natural pH levels of your skin, control oil and keep your pores clean. Do not touch your face as that may lead to more inflammation and spreading of bacteria.

Pimple Alert- A week before your cycle: Your skin condition may just worsen around this time, as your body is producing more androgen, your skin will have more oil, zits and clogged pores than any time ever. You can expect to see larger skin pores, breakouts and shiny skin (No, not the one that looks good). Some people may even experience cystic acne at this time, which means pimples around the jaw line and chin that are really painful.
This just adds to your mood swings, however, you can just keep all this at bay by cutting down on carbs, sugar, dairy products a week before your menstrual cycle is due to safeguard your skin from getting out of control, as they manage to produce more oil. Do not consume milk and caffeine either and eat those vegetables. Use exfoliator a few times to keep pimples at bay.

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One Hell of a time- Your period begins: Your body starts producing prostaglandin, a hormone, that sheds the uterine lining, the levels of both estrogen and progesterone suddenly falls, and that is why all of us turn into an emotional mess during this time of the month. This is the reason, we feel so low and also you need to deal with those cramps.

Prostaglandin makes the skin more sensitive and the pain you feel maximizes. It would be better if you avoid threading or waxing during this time. Your skin may be a lot sun sensitive, do not forget to layer that sun-screen before you step out. All praise to the drop in estrogen levels, your skin needs a lot of H20 because it gets really dehydrated, so make sure you moisturize as well.

Hello Beautiful!!!- A week after your cycle! “Yaay”: The best part about your period is that you do not have to sit there worrying about it for the entire month, you skin will be at its glowy best after a week of your cycle.

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The levels of estrogens are at their peak and progesterone levels are perfectly balanced out, which results in a smoother, calmer, plumper and firmer skin. This is because estrogen promotes the level of collagen production in our bodies. Follow your daily skin care regimen and also go for your waxing and threading sessions if you have missed out on them! 😉

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