Incolor 18 Velvet Eye Shades Palette

Incolor 18 Velvet Eye Shade Palette

Hi Girlies!

What’s up?? Once I and my mom had a fight over our cosmetics and she really got mad at me about how I don’t let her use my stuff.  So, I thought I will buy her one complete range of products. I knew eventually she would get bored of the stuff and then I can use them on my own.

Incolor 18 Velvet Eye Shades Palette

So, we were wandering in this beauty store looking for blushers and lip colors and stuff and suddenly my mom came up with “I want eyeshadows,” so cool, I said.  We didn’t want to buy individual colours, something more or else like a palette and more of festive, shimmery shades as I knew it wouldn’t be used much.

Off to my favorite counter, “Incolor,” where I asked for eyeshadow palettes and landed up with 18 velvety shades. Here goes the review.

velvet shades

Product Description:

18 velvet eye shades, a super special sparkling effect coupled with intense color release, ideal for daring unexpected look and it goes on!

velvet shades


Mica, talc, kaolin, magnesium stearate, dimethicone parafinum liquidum, ethyhexylpalmitate, proprylparaben, methyl paraben, phew!!!

velvet shades


It comes in this off-white colored case and it’s really sturdy.  In the inside, there is this big mirror which is absolutely fabulous! You can do your entire makeup using this mirror (in case of an emergency).  It comes with a dual-sided applicator, which is not very useful, but they do the job if you are not carrying a brush.

Swatch 1

Swatch 2


Here’s my favourite part. Beautiful range of shimmery, shiny colors, plus it includes almost all the shades. These are mostly warm colors and suit most Indian skin tones. The product is really high on shine, so there is a problem of fallout. So, the best way to use this one is with a base, it works wonders with a base. Easy to blend and lasts longer.  Also, its original colours come out better with a base, or else you will notice after a few hours that only the shine is left and there is no colour.

Swatch 4

Swatch 5

Swatch 6

swatch of golden and rusty shades

with flash super shiny

The shades are as follows:

  • Golden – it would look awesome on our heavy Indian wear, sarees and stuff.
  • Off white – excellent highlighter.
  • Brown.
  • Rust.
  • Mauve.
  • Pink, there are 4 shades of pink of which two seem the same, one is dark pink and one with a very light tone of purple in it.
  • 3 shades of blue which are simply gorgeous.
  • There is a purple and a bronze and one maroon-brown shade.

I wish they had named them.


I got it for some Rs. 275 or something!!!!Yes, I know some of you fell off guard. Its a totally amazing product.  Some of the colours in this can be used with other matte shadows and voila you are good to dazzle.

Pros of Incolor 18 Velvet Eye Shades Palette:

  • 18  eyeshadow shades at Rs. 275, yippee!!!!
  • Good packaging.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • Lasts well with a base on.
  • Can be used for daily wear as well as for a dramatic look.

Cons of Incolor 18 Velvet Eye Shades Palette:

  • It will not work out without a base.
  • Original colours do not show up that well.
  • Not for girls who don’t like shiny and shimmery eyeshadow shades.

Would I Repurchase Incolor 18 Velvet Eye Shades Palette?

I would definitely buy this product if I had to gift someone dear.  Its totally pretty and worth buying at least once.

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25 thoughts on “Incolor 18 Velvet Eye Shades Palette

  1. Nice palette even i have got the same kind of pallete from italy gold with 24 shades and it costed me 400 bucks….

    1. hi Ravali,I bought it in beauty store in kandivali,mumbai. i guess you ll find it in a wholesale beauty store.I dont think you will find it online.:)

  2. Wow!! I feel like its made for me!! lol
    I love doing makeup but you know how it is! Here we hardly wear any eye makeup on usual days. Its mostly in functions and parties. And that’s why i dont want to spend much on expensive eye shadows.

    I have one question though. I have really oily lids and whenever i wear eyeshadow/eye liner, it transfers on the upper side or creases. Does not look good at all.
    So how long would these eyeshadows remain intact with the base on oily lids?

    1. hi akshi,well the product doesnt last so long(3hrs roughly) plus is shiny by itself..use a good base to make it last and best is to use it dual colored with another matte shade..u can top one on another or do the inner 2/3rds with matte and outter corner give a shine..thats what i usually do.
      yes you can use it!;)

  3. they are amazing tht too so cheap…yeahh i will buy them for sure as i dunt want to spend on eyeshadows which i hardly apply so they r gud investment for me:)

  4. OMG Aditi!!!! That’s the story of my life!!! My mom and I are always in the middle of WW III ’cause I don’t let her use my stuff. 😛 😛

    This seems worth a try. I love the colors!!! 🙂 🙂 Anyone know where I may find this in Kolkata??

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