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Vineeta asks:

Hi there,

Hope you doing good.

Need some information on Facials. I am 24, fair & normal skin, have never tried anything on my skin except home made face pack thinking of getting a facial done. Kindly suggest me which facial should be done for the first time, how does it help & for how many days does it show, how much does it cost & time required.

Awaiting for your valuable feedback.

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7 thoughts on “Need Information on Facials: Ask IMBB

  1. hi vineeta here are some write ups to help 🙂

    I would say start with a yumm chocolate facial..make sure the salon sterlizes the tools well, the metallic tools they use I mean for blackhead etc..
    make sure the salon uses everything fresh and hygienic towels

  2. About the cost, a decent one should start from 500 rupees onwards and it can go upto 5k as well..
    the effect would show up in a day and say last for a 5 days (on me at least provided you stay out of the sun)..great for a party in case
    Its not just for the glow it is also for deep cleansing, relaxing and for skin tightening mainly
    the facial should take 40 mins to an hour…

  3. initially u can start with all natural fresh fruit facials. though most parlours do not provide fresh fruits, they use fruit cream instead but u have to hunt for. it is all natural so no side effects but gr888 effects. u can also bring home facial kit like vlcc, natures and get home services offered by many parlours. at your age once in a month is sufficient. dont go with fancy name such as gold diamond silver etc, these are full of chemicals. rather opt for natural ingredients.

  4. You can go for fruit facials that will make your skin fair and help it glow..or even aroma facials are will have to spare 1 and a half hour to get a good and a relaxing facial done..all good ones start from Rs.400 and above…doing it every month will bring out great results to your skin..:-)

  5. hi vineeta, u shud get just a cleanup from a hygenic salon. thats what is generally needed at this age and when the skin is relatively problem free. ask the beautician to use sensitive skin products (as u dont know yet how ur skin might react to the procedure).

    results are not drastic unless combined with bleach. but nonetheless, a cleanup is a good habit to form and is beneficial in the long run. also, dont forget to slather sunscreen for the next few days.

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