All About Chocolate Facials

All About Chocolate Facials

If women find it hard to resist chocolates, I feel chocolate facials are even harder to resist. With so many exotic packages available on chocolate facial sessions in the different spas, salons and beauty parlors, I feel you have hundreds of reasons to go for a most pampering chocolate facial session. But is that the only way you can benefit from chocolate facial? What if you want to get a chocolate facial with homemade products? Of course, as you can understand, these questions crowded my mind and I thought of conducting a research. Here is an article, based on the research and I would like to share with you all that I came to know.

All About Chocolate Facials

Benefits of Chocolate Facial:

Chocolate facials are known for the following benefits:

  • Chocolate, with its high level of anti-oxidants, is great for your skin.
  • The facial has anti-ageing properties.
  • It imparts a healthy glow to your face.
  • It takes care of blemishes and boosts the production of collagen.
  • It softens and hydrates your skin so that wrinkles are kept at bay.
  • Chocolate facial is known to suit almost every skin type and hence, you can benefit from this divine chocolatey experience, no matter what skin type you are blessed with.

How To Do Chocolate Facial:

Now, the easiest option is to go to a spa of your choice and get a chocolate facial session. Trust me, it is absolutely hassle-free and wonderful that way, but it would cost you a minimum of Rs. 1000 in any reputed salon, no matter how low the rates are. So, if the pocket pinch is too much, invest in a chocolate facial kit from a reputed brand available in the market. Now, follow the directions as provided in the kit or hire the services of the parlor lady on a convenient day.


How To Do Chocolate Facial At Home:

Of course, you can go for an elaborate chocolate facial with homemade products, but then, it can be cumbersome and quite hectic to gather all the necessary ingredients and use them the way you should.

Here are the steps:

Chocolate Facial

  • Cleanse – At first, cleanse your face. You may use any cleanser of your choice. But I personally prefer raw milk with a pinch of turmeric or a paste of besan and milk as they clean the skin in an amazing way.
  • Scrub – Make your favorite chocolate scrub by using a spoon of cocoa powder, a spoon of brown sugar, a spoon of olive oil and a pinch of vanilla extract. Mix them together and exfoliate your face with it.
  • Chocolate cream for face – To make a nourishing face cream, take a cup of cocoa powder and add six spoons of cottage cheese to it. Whisk them together. Now, add half-a-cup honey. Blend them well. Massage this mixture on your face with gentle upward motions. Let it stay for 15 minutes and rinse with plain water.
  • Chocolate face mask – Take a bar of organic dark chocolate, two spoons of oatmeal, five spoons of salt and organic milk (1/5 cup). Melt the chocolate and allow it to cool. Mix it with milk and salt. Alternately, you can make a face pack by combining half-a-cup of cocoa powder, 8 spoons of yoghurt, 4 spoons of honey, 2 capsules of Vitamin E and sufficient rice flour. Apply the mask on face and allow it to stay on for sometime, till it dries off and gets hard. Rinse with tepid water.
  • Finally, dab a face toner of your choice.

Chocolate facials offer you a luxury experience. Whether you do it at home or you get it done at your favourite salon, you would surely love the rich feeling it offers.

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47 thoughts on “All About Chocolate Facials

    1. Jomol…its best to use (Organic) dark chocolates…with high cocoa content and less of sugar content…more bitter types u know… πŸ™‚

        1. Im not a great fan of dark chocs actually !! :\ #bitterness :O
          Will try to get Lindt,as u suggested πŸ˜€
          This DIY facial luks so tempting to try ) πŸ˜€

    1. Hehe….the smell is sooo yummy…..i wanna try out the Shahnaz Hussain chocolate facial kit πŸ˜€ have been eyeing it for lonnng……..

  1. you strike again somreeta! Such an elaborate review. hey you should getting a phd in facials !!!! Sinful pictures you have got for this post. Will it suit all skin types though ?

    1. thanks sandhya…the PHD idea is cool…guess i should really propose my thesis in it..hehehe πŸ˜› ya, chocolate facials mostly suit all skin types…..exceptions can be there….

  2. As always, nice article Somreeta! πŸ™‚
    I have been craving for …I mean waiting to go for a chocolate wine facial for a long time … just too expensive πŸ™
    But will go for it for the experience and benefits…

    Thanks for the motivation πŸ˜€

  3. Very informative post, Somreeta! My mum got a chocolate facial done a few months ago. She came back smelling like the Cadbury factory. I suppose they clamp the mouths of their customers shut with some kind of super effective glue. Otherwise, these facials would be impossible to perform. πŸ˜›

  4. very nice article Somreeta.. is chocolate facial gud for acne-prone sensitive skin ??my enagement is coming near by. i wanna look my best.. can i try this ?

    1. Parinita……its suitable for sensitive skin but im not sure if it wil be good for acnes or not…..ask the expert in the salon be4 deciding… πŸ™‚

  5. somreeta,, this is really confusing. I mean how would I resist the temptation of licking the dripping chocolate from my face. hihihi but awesome post. i am super tempted to try this. πŸ˜€

    1. LOL…Do share ur experiences Rati after u try it and then also share how u resisted the temptation…or if u could at all resist it πŸ˜›

  6. Well Ms Mukherjee you are going to be my fav for posting so much non-chemical based facials. Its really nice to learn this and I am really tempted to have Choco Facial Session ********** for you πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. i’d be licking from the sides if this is on my face! but thanks for this girl..i lovvvvved reading this , had a ridiculous happy smile on my face! πŸ˜€ i dunno wen i’l be able to get a choco facial but surely gonna eat some ASAP πŸ™‚

  8. rather than melting any chocolate bar which contains more sugar…….we can use coco powder available in grocery shops………..i think that would be more economical to use for a facepack………….:-)…………..

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