Inglot Eyeshadow Refill #AMC Shine 24

Inglot Eye shadow Refill #AMC Shine 24

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today again, I will be writing about a beautiful eye shadow from Inglot and this time I will only write about my feelings about the color as I have already mentioned about the company and everything else regarding these eye shadows in my previous reviews. This is my third eye shadow from the company and I love them all. This time I brought a shade from AMC collection. Its shade number 24 and is called ‘AMC shine 24’. This color is a shimmery  color that contains silver sparkles.

Product quantity:

2.7 g

Inglot Freedom system Eyeshadow AMC Shine #24


Rs. 300 for the refill.

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Shelf Life:

3 years


Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC Shine #24 (2)

It comes in a plastic pack which is easy to open and close and thus the eye shadow can easily be stored in the packaging. It is not an absolute necessity to buy a palette to store these refills.

My take on Inglot Eyeshadow Refill #AMC Shine 24:

These eye shadows are so addictive that this is my third one in the past 2 months and I already have a long list of colors that I want ready. The best thing I like about these eye shadows are its pigmentation. They are so pigmented that only one swatch is sufficient for giving out a good color but you can also build the color by applying many swipes.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC Shine #24 (3)

Now coming back to my color AMC shine 24, it is a pretty silvery blue color which gives a nice shimmery blue color to the lids. It is not a bright color but is soft and hence can easily be used during day time. I have tried this product with and without an eye shadow base and it works well in both the situations. With an eye shadow base it stays for around 5-6 hours without fading and without a base it stays for around 2-3 hours without fading. The staying power is not excellent for this color as it is a light color but it is still good, especially with a base.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC Shine #24

The only problem I had with this was the little shimmers. They are not very big nor do they feel heavy on the eyes. They look beautiful on the eyes but if not applied properly they may spread all over your face and then they become difficult to remove.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC Shine #24] swatch swatch (6)

Pros of Inglot Eyeshadow Refill #AMC Shine 24:

• Pretty color.
• Good packaging that helps it to store even without a palette.
• Good quality.
• Affordable price.
• Square pan that I brought contains more product.
• Good pigmentation.
• Paraben free formula.
• Not tested on animals.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC Shine #24 (4)

Cons of Inglot Eyeshadow Refill #AMC Shine 24:

• Contains little silver shimmers which may spread all over the face while applying.
• It is not necessary to buy a palette for this but some of you may find it little difficult to open it every time for using, so for those it might be a con.
• Staying power not very good due to light shade.

Would I buy Inglot Eyeshadow Refill #AMC Shine 24  product again?

Not this one as it will last me for a long time and by the time I will finish it, I will definitely find some similar shades in some other brand. But I will buy other shades from this collection as they are amazing quality and pigmentation in such a good price.

Do I recommend Inglot Eyeshadow Refill #AMC Shine 24?

Those girls who like soft and shimmery colors should try this color as it comes from a good brand and still is not very costly.

IMBB Rating:


I am cutting 0.5 marks for this particular color not because it is not pretty but due to the shimmer fallout and little less staying power.



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