6 Innovative Saree Draping Styles

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Saree draping is an art. And, Indian women have been wearing saree since ages. But, nowadays the saree has been redefined and experimented in numerous ways. And, of course, we have come up with some of the most amazing and unique saree draping styles.

Innovative saree styles

Now, the best part with this innovative saree draping styles is that not all of them are new. Some of them are old and classic but still, because of their unique style and all, they are quite innovative.

So, let’s have a look at some of the most innovative saree draping styles:

1. Guajarati Saree Draping Style

Gujarati Saree Style

Being a Gujju bahu, I know that I had the most amazing wedding saree. I wore double saree which they call as their wedding saree. They wear it half and half at the body area and it looks ravishing when the entire look is brought together.

2. Bengali Saree Draping Style

Bengali Saree

This is common but the way Bengalis, aka me before marriage, wear sarees is really amazing. And, the complete look is quite royal and beautiful in itself. You can wear this style at parties, social gatherings, family functions, and many such places.

3. Bodycon Saree Draping Style

Bodycon saree style

This is an extremely popular saree draping style and is mostly worn by celebrities today. In this, you have to wear the saree closely clung to your body. This is an extremely body fit saree style and it can be worn only in some saree textures. Also, the saree looks best on petite or hourglass figured ladies.

4. Rajrani Saree Draping Style

Rajrani Draping style

Another saree draping style which is very popular in Gujarat. This saree draping style is a Gujarati saree draping style but it is a royal style known as Rajrani. In this type of saree style, the pleats are all facing rightwards and the pallu is also not as regular pallu. It is dressed in the form of slight V at the front.

5. Butterfly Saree Draping Style

Butterfly saree styles

This is the Bollywood saree draping style. This is the today’s saree draping style where the pallu is extremely thin just like the butterfly. The saree is worn in such a manner that navel is clearly visible. And the saree is worn below the navel, so that, overall, it gives a sexy look.

6. Maharashtrian Saree Draping Style

Maharashtrian Saree

Another saree draping style which is worn in Maharashtra and many other coastal regions of India. The saree is longer and quite rounded in shape. The saree is 9 feet in length and it does not require any petticoat to be worn. The saree is usually tied around the leg in this style.

So, you can see that most of the styles in this post are our region-specific saree draping styles. It’s because our country is such a big and diversified country that we have got a variety of tastes and styles, and the same reflects on our clothes too.

Hope you all liked the post! Let me know if you have any more such innovative saree draping ideas in the comments below.

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