Avon Scentini Perfumes – Plum Twist, Rose Fizz Review

Avon Scentini Perfumes – Plum Twist and Rose Fizz

Avon Scentini Rose Fizz and Plum Twist

Light, citrusy, fruity, effervescent perfumes that can be worn at any time during the day and that is appropriate for every season of the year are my favourites. I feel out-of-place wearing heavy scents. I spent a bomb on Yves Saint Laurent’s Limited Edition Opium and Dior’s Poison, but I kind of feel conscious and out-of-place wearing these kind of heavy perfumes.


Plum Twist 1

My all-time favourites are J’Adore by Dior and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, which although tend to lean towards on the heavier side, I am quite comfortable wearing them as night-time perfumes, but, over the last few months, having tried Avon perfumes, I can very confidently say that Avon makes some of the best-smelling quality perfumes that are delightful and classy, yet pocket-friendly fragrances. All of the Avon perfumes I have tried have caught my fancy and worked with me and the magic spell continues with Avon Scentini range.

Plum Twist 3

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I think two months back, Avon launched the Scentini range consisting of two perfumes, Plum Twist and Rose Fizz. I am reviewing both of them here. Please do continue to read to know how I found them.

Plum Twist 4

Price: When I had got it during offer, it was around Rs. 450, now it is Rs. 669.

My Take on Avon Scentini Perfumes:

Avon Scentini perfumes are cocktail perfumes that comes in attractive medium-sized bottles with an unique shape. I am bad at Geometry and defining shapes, so I will just show you pictures of how the bottles looks. The bottles look very attractive with small pink and plum caps.

The bottle consists of two layers, a clear layer beneath and a violet layer on top in Plum Twist and a pink layer on top in Rose Fizz. The layers have to be shaken well before they can sprayed and here’s what you get after spraying.

Bottle before being shaken.

Avon Rose Fizz

Bottle after being shaken.

Rose 6

Rose Fizz Bubbles

Rose Fizz Layers

Rose Fizz Intermixed


When the bottle is shaken vigorously, both the layers get mixed and one can see pink layer and a violet layer in Rose Fizz and Plum Twist respectively. Given two minutes to stand, the bubbles get quickly separated into two layers again and it’s such a treat to watch the whole process. Let’s see how they smell.

Avon Scentini Plum Twist:

Plum Twist has a fruity flavour that touches base to being almost saccharine. To get an idea of what all notes are mixed, I checked fragrantica.com, and found that it has notes of cranberry, grapefruit, pomegranate, plum, velvety rose, cinnamon and praline. This is a daytime scent that you can wear on cotton or flowery dresses. It stays on for a long time, albeit the perfume dies a slow death, but one can still feel that “aroma” lingering. If you can remember the taste of some orange squash from your childhood, this perfume smells almost like that.

Avon Scentini Rose Fizz:

Rose Fizz in Flash

Rose Fizz in Flash2

Avon Rose Fizz has a kind of tangy and strong fruity flavour. Again, this is a daytime perfume that will suit all occasions. This scent has a citrusy scent with some undertones of bitterness. Checking the notes again from fragrantica.com, I got to know that it has notes of pineapple, mango, peach, rose, violet and white trees. That is a whole lot of fruits and will be a treat for someone who fancies fruity perfumes. It is long staying and stays for the same amount of time as the Plum Twist.

So, summing up the pros and cons of Plum Twist and Rose Fizz:


• Daytime and night-time wear perfumes that smell delightful.
• Plum Twist has a sweet saccharine base to it whereas Rose Fizz has a strong fruity and tangy flavour.
• Good staying power and the scent dies a slow and steady death through the course of the day.
• Attractive bottles.
• Very reasonable price.


Not many cons except that the perfume bottles are quite small and I will be disappointed if they get over soon.

Will I Repurchase?


Do I Recommend?

I would definitely recommend these to those girls who are looking for light and fruity scents that are light on the pocket as well, but do watch out for offers and slash downs 🙂

IMBB Rating:

4/5….-1 for the size of the bottle.

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  1. jyoti….yeah, now i got it…its martini shaped…I am so bad at describing shapes…thanks for helping me out…..Jyoti….I suggest you start from the simple meadow dew and the london, paris perfumes which are very low in cost and if these are your types, you can go for slightly high priced perfumes…….. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: the meadow one is less than 400 rupees….. :victory2:

  2. me was just reading that Justin Bieber SOMEDAY Perfume…….very cute bottel with hanging hearr :teddy: :teddy: ……but justin beiber perfume for woman ?:) ?:) O:) O:) haayii ?:) ?:) kuch tho galbad hai………. 😉 :lol2: :lol2: i live your review……jomoli……. :waytogo: :waytogo:

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  3. i like the size of the perfume bottles too..good to travel with these. for the price, the size is fine. Would love to try the purple one..any Avon distributors in hyd from you guys?

  4. Roze Fizz seem like my kind of fragrance! :pompom: And the bottle is so adorable!!~ :preen:
    And thanks so much for describing the scent so well! :puchhi:

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