Jordana Eyeshadow Quad Golden Era Review

Jordana Eyeshadow Quad Golden Era

Hello lovelies,

How are you all doing guys? Happy belated rakshabandha to all of you!! I love my brother because I feel it is the best relation. Lots of bad fights, pushing each other but at the end it is only care, affection and love. As I told I got a few Jordana products when I went abroad, this is also one of them. I was not fond of applying eye shadows so I picked up a versatile quad that would suit almost each and every outfit.

Price: $2.99

Jordana Eyeshadow Quad Golden Era

Product description:

No description of the product at all from any source.

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My experience with Jordana Eyeshadow Quad Golden Era :

So this was the only versatile quad that I found, there were like 6 variants to pick from but most of them had purples and blues and I wanted to start off with basics, so this was the best one out there. The eyeshadow quad palette is upper cute and really tiny enough to fit I the pocket as well. It becomes really convenient to carry as it is a shade that will suit all the outfits and you do not have the tension to carry loads of eyeshadows together. I dropped it down from my bed actually taking the risk to test whether it breaks or not. Neither did the palette break and nor the eyeshadow. It consists of 4 shades; first one being a shimmery cream kind of a shade which can be used as a base for any eyeshadow look or as a brow highlighter. I am happy that the shade is cream in colour and not white as white looks a bit weird as highlighter and also as a base. The second shade is a pretty golden bronze shade and this is the best one I liked out of all 4 of them. This is the main shade that makes a glamorous look. It is a very natural shade and looks decent when worn and does not look over-powering like some golden shadows.

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The first one from the left in the bottom row is a lovely copper shade. This is somewhat similar to the golden bronze one but just a little lighter than that. It would have been okay if this shade was not there because it is not needed as such, instead they could have given something for brows or a shade of black to complete the smokey look. And the second shade in the bottom row is a nice shimmery brown. It looks amazing alone as well as with the other shades. This one is highly pigmented as compared to others, it shows up just in one stroke. I use it at the corner V area of the eyes to create a smokey look at times. This palette is a very natural one which gives a soft classy look and the pigmentation of the shade is good not that great but with a primer it stays on for more than 5 hours, does not settle on the crease and does not even flake off. I personally love the quad because of its versatility and also because it is totally worth the price. If you are looking out for a basic palette for a reasonable price, then this is a very good option.

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Pros of Jordana Eyeshadow Quad Golden Era :

-Very small and size and handy
-Neither the palette nor the eyeshadow breaks when dropped
-Affordable compared to other brands
-Versatile shades which go on all the outfits
-Create a soft natural look
-Stays for more than 5 hours with a primer
-Does not flake off
-Does not itch even when some of the colour falls into eyes 😛
-Easy to remove
-4 shades in one palette

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Cons of Jordana Eyeshadow Quad Golden Era :

-The copper and the golden bronze colour are almost same, instead they could have given a brow filling shade or a shade of black to complete the smokey look.
-The pigmentation of all the shades except for brown is quite okay.
-Limited availability in India
-Shelf life of 12 months only

Jordana Eyeshadow Quad Golden Era (4)

Will I repurchase/recommend Jordana Eyeshadow Quad Golden Era ?

Almost all the brands have a basic palette like this one but if you are looking for one which is reasonably price and worth the price, then do try out this one. Although I have loved using it I will not repurchase it as I would like to try the other brands.

IMBB Rating: 4.2/5

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