Jovees AloeVera Moisturising Lotion Review

Hi girls,

I am back with another review today. Winter’s catching on so it’s too common to find moisturizers and cold creams coming up in the reviews day in and out. Today I too will be reviewing a moisturizer.

I bought the Jovees “Aloe-Vera Moisturising Lotion” meant for oily and sensitive skin, although my skin is neither of the two but the SA told me they work pretty well for almost any type of skin during the winter. So I picked it up!

Price: INR 265 for 200ml


Shelf space: 3 years

Product claims: Oily skin needs proper cleaning & hydration. A specially formulated product for oily and sensitive skin using essential herbal and botanical extracts that helps to maintain an ideal level of hydration. It also helps to regain a supple and toned skin while restoring skin’s oil and moisture balance throughout the day.

Packaging: This lotion comes in a white sturdy bottle with a white pump-dispenser and a transparent plastic cap. The packaging is very simple with the name of the product and aloe-Vera illustrations. The lotion is pure white in color with a thick consistency and a beautiful soft and refreshing, fruity+floral fragrance.

My experience with Jovees AloeVera Moisturising Lotion:

Jovees is one of those brands manufacturing herbal goodness and each of the products has always lived up to its claims. I bought this one and it’s working great for me so far. I apply it after bath and before bed, and it does its share of keeping the skin soft and moisturized all over the night. Although application has to be done very carefully as too much will make your skin greasy, now here’s where the dispenser does its magic; the dispenser, at one quick press, dispenses just the right amount for my face, well of course then it will vary from person to person, but it works for me 😀 😀 . The lotion is quite thick in consistency and gets well absorbed by the skin, moisturising it thoroughly. I guess, since this is formulated for “oily and sensitive skin”, so this serves the purpose justly. The right amount doesn’t at all make the skin look greasy or oily, it’s very light. The sturdiness of the bottle makes it travel friendly, easy to carry around. The dispenser reduces any form of wastage and is very hygienic. It also works great as a hand cream 😀 . But it’s too soon to tell if it does a good job during the summer as I bought it just the other week.


Pros of Jovees AloeVera Moisturising Lotion:

• Widely available
• Decent pricing
• Herbal
• Has the goodness of aloevera, apple, peach, and sandal.
• Travel friendly
• Smooth refreshing fragrance
• Moisturizes skin
• Very light in nature
• Easy to dispense
• Could be used as hand cream


Cons of Jovees AloeVera Moisturising Lotion:

• Doesn’t have any SPF.

Do I recommend it/would I repurchase it: I do recommend it to people, I have normal-dry skin and my mom’s skin is a tad bit oily , and it has fared well with both of us .

I like to experiment with new products, so next time I’ll buy something I haven’t ventured into before.

Rating: 4.8/5

See ya next time, ladies. Take care. Ciao

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6 thoughts on “Jovees AloeVera Moisturising Lotion Review

  1. The fragrance sounds sooo yummieee *woot* *woot* *drool* nice pick and that too with aloe vera would be really good for skin *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. Hello i also used jovees chandan cream with the aloe vera mostiure but i cannot understand what is the perfect time for using both product please help me.when i used chandan cream or when i use alovera moisture?can i use both or i can use just 1 product.

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