Nivea Pinkish Boost Review

Nivea Pinkish Boost Review

Hey Girls,

I am gonna review a product called Nivea Pinkish Boost. As the name itself says, it’s pinkish in colour and has SPF-15 too and that’s the reason why I picked it up. As I was hunting for something to protect lips from sun and unexpectedly I found this product or should I say fortunately, I found this as I was looking for something else. I don’t use it regularly though, only before stepping out in the sun. I think it’s really important to protect lips from the sun as it is much more sensitive than our skin. Anyways, let’s get into the details of the product.


What the Product Promises:

It doesn’t say anything as I checked on the back of the tube.

Nivea Pinkish Boost


It doesn’t have the ingredients list too 🙁


Pros of Nivea Pinkish Boost:

1.  I like the colour. Of course, it’s light pinkish colour.
2.  It comes with SPF 15.
3. It’s handy pack or travel pack.
4. I like the colour of the tube too.
5. It not just protects the lips, it does moisturize the lips too.

Cons of NIVEA Pinkish Boost:

1.  I understand that there is nothing much to describe about product on the back of it, but it doesn’t have the ingredients list too.
2.  It should have been a little darker as it doesn’t cover the uneven skin tone on the lips, but you can use a lip gloss or a lipstick on it, that’s what I do.


10 ml.

Shelf Life:

2-1/2 years.


It’s been some time since I bought this. So, I am not quite sure, but am sure that it’s affordable.

Will I Buy This product:

Of course I will buy this. I need something to protect my lips 🙂


4/5 . It should have been a little darker.


I bought this lip gloss a couple of months ago, so I am not quite sure if they are still available or not. If it is, I would definitely recommend to everyone.

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16 thoughts on “Nivea Pinkish Boost Review

  1. Nice Review Krupa 🙂

    Even I used to use this lip balm i liked the shade but as you mention it does nothing great to uneven skin tone on the lips… and also by mistake if this gets into our mouth :yuck: it’s yuck as though swallowing a strong chemical pill

  2. i have this and quite like it but ur right.. the shade goes on a lil too light… the tint could have been a slightly darker shade of pink

  3. Wow..nice review krupa. O:) I think i will buy this,if it is available here. :struggle: By-the-way which nail polish are you wearing in the photo ?:) ?:) ?:) .i like it very much. :waytogo:

  4. Hi beauties , new member for this blog 🙂 Been reading all reviews but never wrote any or commented on any. I bought this gloss a few days back. I love the color and the scent – very pleasant powdery fragrance. However, my lips tend to peel everytime I use this, and then they go dry. Does this happen to anyone else ? I so wanted to love this gloss ! The glamorous gloss from Nivea is way better – no color pay off but the texture is awesome ! Nivea Fruity shines are also awesome !

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