The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

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Hoping you all are in the best phase of your life, if not cheer up, you are on IMBB *happy dance*  My review product for today is a forgotten product, and a review by Archana Gnanamuthu reminded me of it. I’m talking about The Nature’s Co. Chocolate Mint Lip Balm from their “Earthborne” range.  I had purchased this product last year, and had kept it aside, until recently when I started using it again. So, to find out my thoughts and whether this product passed the test, read on.


This product I have used it on and off for over a year now, and it is nearing its expiry! I purely got this based on the ingredient list, I immediately fell in love with it.

Product Description:

Get delicious lips with chocolate and mint. They make lips moist, softer and more hydrated. Apply directly to your lips.


Each 100 gm contains:
• Shea butter – 3%
• Mango butter – 2%
• Caster oil – 5
• Vitamin-E – 0.5%
• Peppermint oil – 1%

Balm base, Natural flavoring and food grade colours.

I also noticed a strange thing that the ingredient list does not have cocoa butter in it! Isn’t it supposed to be chocolate and mint! But it’s okay, I still loved reading the list! 😀

Chocolate Mint Lip Balm 2


Rs. 225 for 10 ml.

My Experience with The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm:

Let me first start with the packaging this time, it comes in a really good-looking plastic-glass bottle; that breaks in one fall. Once it breaks, it’s impossible for you to carry it as the lid will get dysfunctional. Mine broke at its very first fall (yes, I agree my mistake) and the lid was dysfunctional as the main pot broke from the top, but then again if you can handle it with care, it is a very good-looking pot.   For me, I always carry my lip balms in my bag, hence I cannot handle it with care.

Chocolate Mint Lip Balm 3

Coming to the moisturisation part, when you apply it, you really have to rub your finger to get the required amount. Rubbing your finger is not only once, every time you apply it on your lips, you will need to rub it again to cover your lips completely or maybe you may scrape the product out with your fingers, but then everything goes inside the nails (yuck!).  Upon application, it gives a really nice subtle glow on the lips, I so love it! This glow lasts for about 15 minutes! It does moisturize the lips very well, but it gives that heavy  feeling as if I have applied layers of balm on the lips.  So, I think this will work best for extremely dry lips or maybe during winters. It is not a tinted lip balm, it has a nice transparent sheen to it.

Chocolate Mint Lip Balm 4

The lip balm smells nice! If you are a chocolate lover, you may want to eat it! It smells of those toffee chocolates that we used to get once. Not too sweet or chocolaty, just the perfect toffee smell, but I couldn’t find any dash of mint in it.

Pink Lips

Moving on to the summary:

Pros of The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm:

  • It gives a very healthy subtle glow to the lips upon application.
  • It smells of toffee chocolate.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Moisturizes lip very well.

Cons of The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm:

  • You have to rub really hard to get the product on to your fingers.
  • Scraping out the product is something I really don’t like as most of it goes inside the nails.
  • Glass packaging, may break easily.
  • Not travel friendly.
  • Not a summer product.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 (for real good moisturisation).

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm?

I had purchased this product totally based on my love for all natural products, though this has worked fairly well, but scraping is a big turn off for me. I shall stick to my Maybeline Baby Lips and TBS Born Lippy, which I absolutely adore <3  Well from my personal experience, I recommend this to those who have extremely dry lips or use it during winters when your lips need good moisturisation; if you are tempted to buy this like how I was, you definitely want to try it first at the store.

Thank you all for reading…….Shop Wisely, Use IMBB 😀

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