Julieg713 – YouTube Makeup “Girl Next Door” Guru

Julieg713 – YouTube Makeup “Girl Next Door” Guru

Julieg713 YouTube Makeup Girl Next Door Guru

Beauty Tip #1:

Smile! This is Julie Gutierrez’s motto.  You can see it in the beginning of her every video. Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming to watch the tutorials of a certified professional. We can’t help but wonder “Oh, but he/she is a professional makeup artist! It’s bound to be easy for him/her!!.”  For those of us who feel this way, watching JulieG713 on YouTube will be like watching a friend help you out with fashion related queries, a friend who is VERY good at it though! That is why I think of Julie as the “girl next door” kind of beauty guru.  Personally, I feel she has the most sparkling personality amongst online gurus.  She is bubbly, contagiously happy and so enthusiastic always!

This is what her Facebook page says about her:

“Julie Gutierrez is a self-proclaimed girly-girl and a self-taught makeup and nail design artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2008, she began filming makeup and nail tutorials on YouTube from her bedroom which has since reached a global audience of over 85 Million Hits. Her videos range from colorful makeup looks to edgy nail designs as well as fashion videos during a weekly segment called “Fashion Friday”. She has travelled around the country bringing her viewers along with her to New York Fashion Week, Makeup Shows, and Red Carpet Events to give her viewers an inside look into the beauty and fashion world. She currently graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and is currently working on her MBA while expanding her knowledge of the beauty and fashion world.”


She does various topics of videos, that you would expect from any online guru, but my favourite segment is the “Fashion Friday”. Every Friday, as the name suggests, she uploads a video regarding fashion tips, her outfits of the week, travel essentials, favourite seasonal outfits, hauls, online shopping guides, D-I-Ys, etc. I just love how every week; she puts up something fun and new, plus gives us very useful tips too! It’s also nice to watch her actually show us how the outfit would look once put together. She also shows us a choice of accessories and shoes that could be paired with the outfits.

As expected, she also does tutorials on a variety of looks as you can see from the images below. She uses all our favourite brands and then some! I especially love it when she does Arabic inspired looks! She has done a look for pretty much every color out there, so you can just search on YouTube for whatever you want in her channel’s search field. Her nail art videos are always fun and I love how she says “It doesn’t have to be perfect, just have fun with it!”

On her channel, she also sometimes uploads videos that are on non-makeup topics, such as her going through a Lasik eye surgery, travelling to Las Vegas for a show, travelling to a friend’s wedding, other such travel vlogs, holiday home decor videos and various other videos which give us an insight into her life.  So, it really feels like you know her not just as a makeup guru, but on a more personal level too, which makes watching her tutorials and fashion videos more special. It sure is nice when you get to know the person behind their brand.

Eye Makeup

Due to her popularity and influence, Jessie’s Girl Cosmetics launched a color “JulieG,” which is a coral color, the favourite shade of Julie. It was a huge success, after which the company approached her to formulate, name few more nail polishes all by herself. She came up with beautiful colors! You can find them here for $3.99 (~Rs.200) each or the whole set for $25 (~Rs.1300)  and yes, they are shipped internationally too!

Nail Art

The colors are:

  • Stiletto: Grey/Neutral/Taupe/Brown/Nude Shade.
  • JulieG: Coral Color.
  • Fashion Friday: Soft Purple Color.
  • Beauty Guru: Dusty Orange/Tangerine Shade.
  • Party Dress: Reddish/Orange Color.
  • Mermaid’s Lagoon: Aquatic Blue-Green Shade.
  • Girl’s Night Out: Dark Pretty Blue Shade.
  • Cupcake Frosting: Fun Pink Color.
  • All Things Girly: Light Peach/Soft Orange/Light Coral Shade.

Nail Polishes

Julie has an infectious upbeat personality and I wish I could go shopping with her!  She has found a lot of fame through her channel, but having followed her since years; it’s nice to see that success has not at all changed her!

I hope you guys enjoy her videos too as much as I do!

Happy Makeuping! 😀

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10 thoughts on “Julieg713 – YouTube Makeup “Girl Next Door” Guru

  1. Cant believe I am the first one to write in this article?!! Just cuz Julie is such a Popular and great Makeup Guru..
    Love the way she makes tutorials and they seem so easy when she does that, but yea when we start doing then we realize it needs a lot of practice 😀
    Anyway, good to see abt her in IMBB too…Good GO Nafisa 🙂 :thumbsup:

  2. I love her nail art tutorials. So phunny. :dumb: I actually tried (and failed) to imitate a few and I still pop by her channel to watch and enjoy myself. :preen: :preen:

  3. Never came across her videos. May be I am not too keen at nail stuff so may be I missed checking out her videos. She is awessseeeoommme with her nail arts. :worship: :worship: :worship:

    1. I don’t know how these girls come up with such unique ideas!! So much creativity! I’m crazy about nail art 😀 & that is how I found her initially but honestly I still watch her because I just love her personality!

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