MAC & Mickey Contractor Collection for Spring 2011

Preliminary Information – MAC & Mickey Contractor Collection for Spring 2011


Remember Mickey Contractor? Or rather, remember Kajol in ‘My Name is Khan’ or Kareena in ‘Kurbaan’? Mickey contractor was the makeup artist for both. Not only that, Mickey Contractor gave Rani Mukherji her exotic new look in Chalte Chalte, made Aishwarya Rai look stunning for Kajra re and transformed Kajol with an ‘undone eyebrows’ look.

Mickey Contractor, Bollywood’s best make-up artist and the Director- Makeup Artistry for MAC India, chose his career because he was inspired by Helen who visited the salon Micky Contractor worked in and told him to try his luck in the film industry. About MAC Micky says “MAC came as a blessing to me many years back and I have been using this brand ever since. It is the best in the industry and it works well as they understand not only the needs of the make-up artist but their consumers as well.”

Well, Mickey is launching his collection in coming months. This is just the preliminary information for your financial planning, no swatches available actually. This collection is a collaboration between MAC and its Director of Makeup Artistry for India, Mickey Contractor. 

US and international launch date: 6th of January 2011

Indian launch date: No information yet, hopefully 6th of January 2011 as well

Distribution: Limited (US and Europe: Pro Stores and online only; India: unknown) The collection features the following products:

(All Limited editions except the ones marked ‘permanent)

MAC Lipsticks:

  • Yash – Deep neutral (Matte),
  • Gulabi – Bright Fuchsia (Amplified),
  • Mehr – Mid-tone blue Pink (Matte),
  • Mocha – Peachy yellow Brown (Satin), Permanent

MAC Lipglasses:

  • Flesh – Mid-tone nude Brown (Frost),
  • Lust – Soft muted Pink (Frost), Permanent

MAC Eyeshadows:

  • Athma – (description unknown),
  • Jaan – Light neutral with soft gold Pearl (Lustre),
  • Vivah – Brown with gold Pearl (Lustre),
  • Folie – Reddish-plum Brown (Satin), Permanent
  • Carbon – Matte Black (Matte), permanent
  • Oomph – Forest Green with soft gold Pearl (Veluxe Pearl),
  • Marvel – Deep Purple with soft pink Pearl (Frost),
  • Rani – Bright Fuchsia with soft pink Pearl (Frost),
  • Saffron – Deep coral Caramel (Satin),

MAC Fludilines

  • Siahi – Deep turquoise Blue,
  • Ivy – Bright Green,

MAC Blushes:

  • Gana – Bright white Gold (Frost),
  • Sur – Mid-tone rose Brown (Satin),

MAC Moisturecover Concealer:

  • NC23,
  • NC43,
  • NC44,
  • NC45.5,

MAC Moisturecover Double-End Concealer:

  • Coral Corrector/Yellow Corrector,

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation:

  • NC41,
  • NC43.5,
  • NC44.5,

MAC  Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (permanent)


  • 116 Blush Brush
  • 219 Pencil Brush
  • 239 Eyeshadow Brush

What makeup products are you looking forward to from MAC and Mickey Contractor Collection?


32 thoughts on “MAC & Mickey Contractor Collection for Spring 2011

  1. Wow! simply awesome…Am soooo looking forward to this range…So proud of Micky Contactor :yes: :yes: :yes: …Rati did you get my mail? ?:-)

  2. I have to apologize, somehting went wrong when I saved the article before sending it to you, Rati :-(( Sorry. The following products are part of the collection, too:

    – Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (permanent)

    – 116 Blush Brush
    – 219 Pencil Brush
    – 239 Eyeshadow Brush

    Mea culpa. Maybe you could edit the post – TY :-* :-* :-* :-*

  3. 😛 radhika not a cheater .. but itna bada collection mein se will scumb to the lipgloss but
    ..the name itself explains.. lust :inlove:

  4. Thanks a lot for this post, tajana. I am dying to see the stuff. I think Mickey has made this colection with lot of love an affection. Mehr is his wife’s name and I think Yash is his friend’s. :))

  5. WOW..what a wonderful collection! i’ve already prepared my list.. 😉 i am no doubt going to get the ‘gana’ blush..white gold is my favourite colour.. :heart:

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