Khadi Chocolate Anti-Aging Facial Kit Review

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I recently told you people that I loved using Khadi Natural Gold Radiance Facial Kit; I purchased three more variants. Here is the review of Khadi Chocolate Anti-Aging Facial Kit.
Khadi Chocolate Anti-Aging Facial Kit Review

INR 299

Product Description:
Khadi Natural™ Chocolate Mini Facial Kit for cooling, healthy & freshness for blemish free fairer complexion for soothing & rejuvenation.


The facial kit comes in a mini size, travel-friendly, glossy chocolate brown cardboard box with all the details and directions. It looks attractive. Inside the box, 5 small jars are arranged on a cardboard tray. These are better than sachets as they are easy to store and are hygienic for future uses. All the jars contain good amount of product and the step number is also indicated on each jar. Overall, I am impressed by this packaging.

My Experience with Khadi Chocolate Anti-Aging Facial Kit:

It’s hard not be tempted by chocolaty things! Let’s talk about each component of this facial kit.


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Step 1
Chocolate cleanser: I absolutely love this cleanser. Though it doesn’t deeply cleanse your skin, your skin looks clean and very soft. The cleanser is creamy and smells exactly of yummy caramel toffee. It is such an enticing aroma which lingers for around for some minutes. I could have eaten this cleanser, but I chose to resist! 😛

Step 2
Chocolate Butter Scrub: The chocolate butter scrub reminds me of freshly ground cocoa beans, or bitter chocolate. It isn’t sweet but definitely quite invigorating. The cream colored scrub has tiny abrasive particles in a semi-liquid base. It scrubs away dead skin cells and gives a nice clean look.

Step 3:
Chocolate Massage Cream: The cream is quite silky to touch and feels very smooth on skin. You can give yourself a relaxing massage by gently rubbing this cream in circular motions and upward strokes. The aroma is faintly of chocolates, but it is hard to pinpoint a definite variant. Skin feels very soft and supple.

Step 4:
Chocolate Facial Gel: This amber colored gel is quite thick but very nourishing. It looks and smells like honey. The gel is great for rejuvenating your skin as it imparts softness and freshness for your tired skin.

Step 5:
Chocolate Face Mask: This is the last step which purifies and improves skin. It claims to contain milk proteins and cocoa, thus working wonders on your uneven skin tone. It does reduce unevenness and dryness, so will be a good option to indulge your skin once a while. Skin looks very soft and smooth.

The only drawback is that sensitive or oily skinned beauties won’t enjoy this, given the current season. My skin got a couple of zits, but I don’t entirely blame this because anything moisturizing or nourishing aggravates my sensitivity. But, my mom, who has dry skin all round the year, loved this and her skin looked so supple and nourished. The effects stay for a day or two at most.

Pros of Khadi Chocolate Anti-Aging Facial Kit:

• Lovely packaging
• Good quantity provided
• Products have yummy aroma
• Makes skin smooth, soft and supple
• Reduces unevenness

Cons of Khadi Chocolate Anti-Aging Facial Kit:

• Some may find the fragrance overpowering
• Not meant for oily-sensitive skin
• No long-lasting effects

Would I Recommend Khadi Chocolate Anti-Aging Facial Kit?
To dry skinned ladies, this will be a great option for weekly pampering.

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