Khadi Diamond Sparkling Mini Facial Kit Review

I recently used a few facial kits by Khadi, and I have already reviewed by Gold, Chocolate and Papaya variants. My experience was quite nice, and today I will be reviewing the last one from the lot. It is the Khadi Diamond Sparkling Mini Facial Kit. Scroll down to know whether it impressed me or not.
Khadi Diamond Facial Kit

Price: Rs. 349/-
Product Description: With Diamond dust and natural extract. Radiant diamond glow, diamond polish with instant glow & fairer complexion. Purifies and detoxifies with healthy and brightening skin.
Khadi Diamond Sparkling Mini Facial Kit description

My Experience with Khadi Diamond Sparkling Mini Facial Kit:

The facial kit comes in a mini size, travel-friendly, glossy silver cardboard box with all the details and directions. It looks quite attractive. Inside the box, 5 small jars are nicely placed on a cardboard tray. I really like these mini jars, these are better than sachets. These are easy to store and are hygienic for future uses. All the jars contain good amount of product and the step number is also indicated on each jar. Overall, I am impressed by this packaging.
Khadi Diamond Sparkling Mini Facial Kit packaging

There are 5 components of this kit, let’s talk in detail about each one of them.

Diamond Cleanser: The cleanser is creamy and pleasantly scented. It cleanses your skin without drying it out, and can remove light makeup too. This kind of cleanser is soothing before a facial; not only the aroma relaxes you but it also clears the skin without any stretchy feeling. Skin feels clean and soft.

Diamond Gel Scrub: The scrub is transparent with silver exfoliating particles which don’t feel abrasive at all. It is mildly exfoliating, and being gel based, it doesn’t scratch or feel harsh against the skin, and is perfect for dry or mature skin too. Skin feels soft and even after using this scrub. In fact, all the scrubs in Khadi facial kits are similar in action, but do their job well.

Khadi Diamond  Mini Facial Kit

Diamond Massage Cream: The massage cream is lightweight and very soft in texture. It glides effortlessly on skin and gets absorbed quickly. It is neither heavy nor greasy, but makes for a good massage cream. The cream is suitable for all skin types, and gives very supple skin. It quenches the thirst of your parched skin and gives smoothness.

Diamond Facial Gel: In most facial kits, the cream is preceded by the gel. However, facial gel is the fourth step in all facial kits by Khadi. The transparent soothing gel is loaded with diamond particles, and the gel is a treat for tired and dull skin. The best thing is that this gel adds life to your tired skin, hydrates it without any oiliness and gives a refreshed radiant look.

Diamond Face Mask: The consistency is similar to clay based face packs. The pack dries within 15 minutes, but never causes any uncomfortable or stretchy feeling. You can feel tightness in your skin. Skin looks brighter and toned.
Khadi Diamond Sparkling Mini Facial Kit

The glow and radiance lasts a couple of days, and skin looks pretty fresh and bright. This kit is good for skin toning and best suited for mature skin. I feel all the Khadi facial kits are value for money, given their performance.

Pros of Khadi Diamond Sparkling Mini Facial Kit:

• Lovely compact silver packaging.
• Economical.
• Cute tubs, enough quantity for 3-4 uses.
• Mild fragrance.
• Gives a nice glow and radiance.
• Skin feels soft and supple.
• Didn’t break me out.
• Good for skin toning.
Khadi Diamond Sparkling Mini Facial Kit swatch

Cons of Khadi Diamond Sparkling Mini Facial Kit:

• Cleanser and scrub are too mild.
• Availability.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Khadi Diamond Sparkling Mini Facial Kit?

Verdict: Khadi facial kits have something for everyone. So I would recommend Diamond facial kit for ageing skin or skin that lacks firmness and vigor. Papaya kit is best for blemished, sun damaged skin. Chocolate Kit is great for stressed and dull skin and also very dry skin will love the nourishing properties of this kit. Gold Kit is for radiance and brightness, especially if you need some quick preparation before an event.

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