Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser with Mint Oil Review

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Hair type: Normal, wavy, colored and waist-length
I love Khadi products a lot, especially their shampoos. I never repurchase the same products because I kinda like to explore and hate repeating but Khadi is an exception. I have repurchased the Henna and the woody shampoos, and boy I love them both. I also got this one along with some other stuff.
Khadi herbal hair cleanser with mint oil

Price: 170 INR for 210ml

Claims and Ingredients:

My Experience with Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser with Mint Oil:

The shampoo is bright blue in color which is a treat for the eyes. I don’t think I need to give another rant on the boring old khadi packaging. The same old bottle for all its products; shampoos, face washes, body washes etc. it is convenient to use though. But bulky for travel.
Khadi herbal hair cleanser

The shampoo, as I mentioned before has a nice color. It is supposedly a combination of mint oil, neem, tulsi and some herbs. But all I can smell is an aroma of mouth wash. It is more of a spearmint fragrance than that of refreshing kind of minty fragrance. It lasts all the while you shampoo and a little after that. But once your hair dries there is no sign of it. The fragrance is not very harsh, but some may not like it. It lathers well and also does a fair job in getting off all the oil from my scalp and hair. But I need to put some extra efforts I felt.

I usually skip conditioner if I use my homemade oil, but these days my hair is just misbehaving. With this shampoo, my hair felt a bit dry which I do not usually experience. I have to finish it up with a conditioner whenever I use it. I think it is a good scalp cleanser. It is definitely not a mild shampoo! But it did not strip my hair of the natural bounce. All in all, I think it is an average shampoo in terms of performance but definitely an effective scalp cleanser.
open bottle

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Pros of Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser with Mint Oil:

• Bottle is convenient to use.
• Nice, spearmint aroma.
• Lathers well.
• Cleanses the scalp really well.
• My hair is not stripped of its bounce.
• Hair feels soft.

Cons of Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser with Mint Oil:

• The aroma might be tacky for some.
• I think it is a tad too strong.
• Leaves my hair a bit dry.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser with Mint Oil?
If you prefer mild shampoos, then this can be given a pass. I am satisfied with it but it is not something I’d go back to.

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