Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush Review

Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush

Hola beautifuls,

Do you know, you must always follow whatever the Lipstick Goddess says (I mean Neha of course). If she says apply that lipstick with lip brush for better control then do it and never mind if you don’t understand what she means (for example, here). Because once you get a lip brush and apply that particular lipstick with brush, you will immediately know what she meant by better control.

Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush

Oh how fool I was not to do so!

Well I have rectified my mistake and got myself few lip brushes.And I must tell you, the difference between applying lipstick without lipstick brush and then with brush is HUGE!!!

Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush (2)

So I first got Vega lip brush. I tried for many days then I thought I should explore more options. I wanted something pocket and travel friendly then I came across this one. It has lid which makes it hygienic while travelling so I placed the order online.

Before starting with the review, I am clarifying that I have not got the brush in Vellvette box. The pink paper that comes in the box is so cute that I just couldn’t resist myself from using that paper at background. (Brush has nothing to do with the Vellvette box  )

Konad Art Make up Lip Brush:

Claims and description:

Giving the desired look at all times, Konad Lip Brush is a must have if you are someone who looks for precision in the makeup. With a thought of maintaining the hygiene of the brush, the company has also created a lid for this brush which protects it from contamination when the brush is not being used.

Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush (9)

Konad Lip Brush is easy to use and the lid attached to this product helps in pushing the brush upward when you want to use it. This brush is highly portable and very safe to use even for dry lips. This brush is quite affordable and uses just the right amount of lip colour for application. The lid attached with this brush also makes this product easy for travelling.

Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush (4)

Price: Rs. 345/- (It was 330 when I bought it )

My experience with Konad Art Make up Lip Brush:

As I have stated earlier why one must use a lip brush- for better control over product while application. (Yes I can totally get it now why Neha says this for many lipsticks).

Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush (6)

Brush is shorter than that of Vega lip brush, but it fits easily in hands and gives you good grip. You can attach lip at the end which makes the brush handle longer but I feel that’s not necessary. It comes with lid which makes it easy to carry and hygienic to store. The cap is made of aluminum which makes it look cheap. Body is also made up of black and silver aluminum metal, black at the center where word Konad is written. So to say, I didn’t like packaging much because of cheap aluminum but it is sturdy and cap makes it hygienic.

Coming to the bristles, they are much better than Vega. They hard enough for precision while applying lipstick and still soft on lips. I have washed the brush many times and still it hasn’t shed a single bristle which makes me say that bristles are good quality material.

Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush (3)

I am enjoying applying lipsticks like Take me as I am (Colorbar), Chestnut (Maybelline) and sometimes lip glosses or lip colors like Bitten Red by Colorbar with this lip brush. Note:- All mentioned products are bought on Lip-Product Goddess’s recommendation. I am spending a lot of time in front of mirror, painting my lips with this brush. This is addictive, like you can’t stop admiring your lips enough after application. Its bliss!!

Pros of Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush:

• Comes with cap which makes it hygienic.
• Bristles are of good quality.
• Relatively inexpensive than brushes of other brands like MAC, Inglot.

Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush (7)

Cons of Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush:

• Cheap aluminum packaging.

Final words:

If you are looking for good travel friendly lip brush or you don’t have any brush to start with, definitely get this one for “better control over application”. It has good quality bristles and its cheap aluminum packaging can be easily ignored.

PS: I would like to add a tip to quickly clean lip brushes. Take make up remover on cotton pad or ball. Soak bristles of lip brush for 5 minutes. After that wash with water. It is only when travelling or in hurry otherwise always clean brushes as Rati have suggested here.

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25 thoughts on “Konad Art Make-up Lip Brush Review

  1. hahah Rashmi i had very good laugh and loved reading the review
    yes brush makes a huge difference i always say that 😛

    1. me got a red lippie,blush,concealer n some stuff from kryolan yestday neha:)
      ramee mall is soooo good..less crowded…just visited kryolan store,didnt hav time got chck out mac n shopperstop:(

  2. this is an awesome read! 😀 hail lipstick goddess! 😀 we all bow down to u! 😉 and yes, this is so true, using a brush makes a hell lot of difference 🙂 very very nice review and i loved the last pic! <3 🙂 btw, i like my vega lip brush too. the bristles are shorter and perfect for mt thin lips, and i think i have washed it a million times till now, but no hair shedding 😀

      1. haha! actually in lip swatches u can see only lips, when u see them along with my balloon cheeks, then u will know that they are thin 😉 hehhe

  3. i have never used bush to apply my lipstick or lipgloss…i am gonna try this…it will make a diffrence as u all are saying:)

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