Konad False Eyelashes Review, EOTD

Konad false eyelashes 05 

A pair of false eyelashes to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Konad False Eyelashes



The false eyelashes from konad gives your eyes a well defined look. This is reusable and false eyelash extensions are low maintenance too.

Price Rs 210 /-

How to Use
1. Bend fixed eyelash up and down flexibly.
2. Trim full lashes with sharp scissors to accommodate the natural line of your own lashes.
3. Apply a very thin line of glue or adhesive along the base, let it sit for 5 to 6 seconds. Begin with a minimal amount of glue, adding more if needed.
4. Apply the false lashes above your eyelashes, as close to your lash line as possible, following its natural curve.

False eyelashes (1pair)
Eyelash glue (1g)


When I first started with eye makeup (not liner which is my forte since the past 10 years or so ) by which I mean shadows and those complicated eye crease work and cut crease and so on, I had never ever thought I would ever wear flaises. I used to watch my beauty gurus on youtube finish their eye makeup off with falsies and voila it was all perfect.. My naked eye looks like that of some diseased sick person with dark circles and droopy eyes and when im done with so much with just a black liner it looks all different. I look alive and not chronically ill. So my cheat code for days when I want to call in sick can easily be my no makeup look chances are no one would recognize me 😛 or that I met with an accident 😆 (don’t take it too seriously I am just trying to spread a smile)

Konad Eyelash Collection

This is a very new territory for me, this falsies department, and now like I am, I have started hoarding many false lashes in the hope to get a suitable one. the Indian market doesn’t offer many and so I resorted to online shopping as always and I was so glad I did.After venturing out with some 1$ elf ones in natural (yet to review) I bought some basicare ones with a disastrous glue 😐 and now this one.

The lashes come nicely packed, in a matter of fact kind of packing, straight and simple instructions and then the removal process( believe me its equally important ) I think I did not have much of an option I believe there were only two varieties and I got both (yet to try the other one ) these may look a little fancy and heavy but I still like it,I can wear it for special occasions or when I really want to catch attention. I have a confession hear, I don’t know how my husband would react to this and that would make all the difference in the world. But to me, if some one keeps a good distance, these can look really nice and not dramatic, provided you don’t go overboard with the makeup

I am extremely happy with lashes, the lashes are gorgeous dramatic and yet natural,not very noticeable unless some one is at an arms distance, very very beautiful. Now after my past bitter experiences, I was expecting a lot from the glue and boy I was happy or what. The lash band is very very slim and sits on the base of the lashes perfectly and is not very visible as you can see.

The glue comes in a tiny tube that needs to be pierced just like out soframycin ones. The glue comes on white very much like fevicol. The best part about the glue is that it dries into transparent or brownish look and not white thankfully 🙄 it sticks the lash extremely well. Ask me I have had very bad experiences with glues of some other brands. ☹ this one works just fine, dries transparent and fits the lash well even the ends which are often difficult for me to stick.

The removal is like a breeze, I just used a damp finger tip, barely touched the base of the lash and peeled it off . I did not hurt and it came off very very easily. So everything is sorted.

The only problem I faced though is that the glue leaves behind some crumbly sticky glue on my real lash which I would need to scrape off. It looks very much like mild fevicol. I suggest taking a shower and it would be better than 😀 but other wise too it feels like those regular glues and comes off easily if you have time on your hands

Last word: loving it to the core, the glue is working very well, I wish I could buy some separately and also the lashes are stunning ! literally!

konad false eyelashes

konad false eyelashes


Pictures: no makeup and another one in color lens and streetwear liner and lakme absolute concealer.

Rating: 4. 5 on 5

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  1. Haha…thats my cheat code too..Whenever I take false sick day off frm office,the next day i go with no eye makeup…The lashes look very natural..I loved the first pic of your eye

  2. Nice review! You make it sound so simple 🙂 and that s what i like most about your reviews :pompom: :pompom: Loved your lined eyes :puchhi:

  3. Wow.. it looked a bit too dramatic for my tastes in the photos.. but it looks “oh-so-perfect” in ur eyes. :haanji: now me got the courage to try this pattern.. :jalwa: u eye looks fab :love:

  4. just love the way you apply eyeliner! it’ll take me 10yrs to learn the art of appyling eye liners :worship: :worship: falsies make your eyes look naturally beautiful!

  5. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: I’m loving your under eye area…no lines at all!!! If you have a secret remedy besides concealer please share! Thanks!!

    1. oily skin and oily eye lids 😀 sachi mey
      and any damn eye gel n eye cream but something before i sleep
      vase i have puffy eyes n eye bags too :dumb:

  6. thx 4 sharng neha. .itz gr8. .. . Finaly outcme so natural. .can u review a dramatic lash. .me lukng 4 d one havng thicknes. .volume. .me have long lashes alrdy.. N damn ma eye clor same as u. .suggst me abt colord eyepenicl u use. .GREENZ wash me out so dnt sugst dat plz lol . .

  7. whats the staying power?? I mean does it stays in place even after we sweat…doesnt the edge comes off after sweating? Can we wear these while partying/clubbing?

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