Kryolan Anti-shine Powder Review

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If you have oily skin, you know the pain of melting makeup and shine during the day. I have a serious problem of oiliness, in the middle of my forehead and around the nose. Though, I am away from acne at the moment, due to some acne creams I have been using, my forehead still gets oily. This product was not easy to come by. I had to visit Mumbai twice to get it. Seems like, this is always out of stock. But now, I am the proud owner of this powder.


Anti-Shine Powder is a special matt powder, similar in its way to Asian rice powder. At the same time, however, Anti-Shine Powder prevents unwanted dull effects and creates a pleasant feeling on the skin. Anti-Shine Powder is colorless and is especially effective for the additional matting effects that become necessary during long shooting sessions


Price: Rs.800 for a huge tub.


My Experience with Kryolan Anti-shine Powder:


This comes in a very simple Kryolan packaging, which is not glamourous at all. The tub has a screw open lid and the sift dispenses the powder. You can use your puff to pat it on the oily zones of the face.


You could also use it like a light setting powder. Though, the product is stark white, this hardly shows up. This could remind of HD powders, or translucent powders. This goes on smooth, blurs my pores slightly and feels like wearing no powder at all.


Just that, the skin looks matte, like wearing no makeup. Of course, do not expect any coverage, but pores will look smaller. The powder is very fine, not as coarse as a talcum powder.


Coming to lasting power, my skin gets oily in two hours, this keeps the shine away for a maximum of three hours on my oily skin in Pune weather. So, if you have normal to lightly oily skin, this could give you better results. Blot again when you want to kill the shine.


I wish it were easier to use, though I dispense it on the back of my hand and pat it with a puff. So far, there have been no spillage accidents on this one in my bag. I think even dusky skin can go for this, as it does not show up as white on the skin, only blots and vanishes.

Pros of Kryolan Anti-shine Powder:

• Keeps shine at bay for three hours.
• Great to blot thought out the day.
• Huge tub for the cost.
• Doesn’t look patchy or artificial.
• Blurs pores slightly.

Cons of Kryolan Anti-shine Powder:

• Ease of use on the go can be compromised.
• Could be out of stock due to popularity.

IMBB rating: 4.2/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Kryolan Anti-shine Powder?
Yes, I will. I am not saying this is indispensable, but it is a very good product to own.

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