L.A Girl Inspiring Brow Palette Medium and Marvellous Review

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I always wanted to try a powder formula for my brows. I was bored of using the same old eyebrow pencil that I own. Because I’ve seen many beauty vloggers and makeup artists using a powder formula for the brows, I had added this to my wish list and it has been in my wish list for a long time. Luckily, I got a chance to purchase this one under sponsored product scheme and finally got my hands on this lovely palette. It fared amazingly well for me. Read more to know more;


Price: INR 750 (I got it for discount online)


Product Description:
These defining eyebrow kits are sure to inspire, tame and frame. Each tin is packed with two brow powder shades, a flattering highlighter shade and a clear taming wax. Also includes the tools to get the job done – tweezers and angled brow brush with spoolie. Beautifully showcased in color-coated tins to inspire beautiful brows.

My Experience with L.A Girl Inspiring Brow Palette Medium And Marvelous:


L.A Girl inspiring brow kits are available in three shades i.e.. ‘Light and bright’, ‘medium and marvelous’ and ‘dark and define’. I opted for a medium shade, as I liked the color of the powders in the brow kit, more than the rest of two. Also, this particular shade was selling like hot cake and only few were left in stock. Without thinking much, I made an order soon and couldn’t wait to try this on my brows to see how it looked.


Packaging: What I love about the palette is, that it includes all essential things one may require to groom their brows all together in a nice compact tin. The wax, the highlighter, the tools and the brow powders are all sectioned properly in a good looking brown color tin, which is easy to carry, and travel friendly.


You need not worry about the tin much, as all these products are secured well in the tin and fixed in the place. The most amazing part of its packaging is its ‘mirror’. The rectangle size mirror, which has been sized perfectly, looks awesome and makes the application job much easier. You need not carry an extra mirror for yourself with you and you can easily get done with other too by looking into the same mirror.


Wax: I pretty much liked the wax from this kit. It helps in setting the brows well in the direction we wish to, with the help of a spoolie. You can either tap the angle brush on wax first and then onto powder, to apply the application or you can just set in the wax first with the help of spoolie and then move on to apply the powder with the help of angle brush. Both the ways are correct but I like to apply the wax first with the spoolie, as it perfectly defines the shape of my brows and sets them in correct position, as desired for a longer period. Also, it does not feel heavy after applying wax. The texture too is smooth and I had no issues with blending the wax on my brows.


Highlighter: Not every brow kit I’ve seen has a highlighter. It’s just few kits that have highlighters added to their palette and I love this pretty subtle highlighter, which L.A Girl has to offer. The color is just perfect. It is a lightest shade of pink and doesn’t look chalky at all. I like to apply on brow bone area, after I finish applying brow powder and it just enhances the whole brow look.


Powder: The texture of the powders is fine and smooth. These don’t look patchy at all and blend in very smoothly. I love both the shades from this palette and these shades can be suitable for all kinds of skin tones. These are nicely pigmented. You can either apply the single powder or you can mix both the shades together to give darker brown look. The lighter color powder will give you a very subtle natural look to brows and can be used for everyday look. Whereas the darker shade powder will compliment a good base makeup look, after evening out the skin tone with foundation. These powder are nice buildable and the more you build the more defined it looks.


Staying Power: It stays for a long time, until you decide to remove it. When I applied this on my brows, it lasted for the whole day and faded a little until next morning.


Tools: The dual applicator has been smartly devised and kind of reduces the space for another applicator in the kit. One side you have a spoolie the other side you have an angled brush.

• Spoolie – The tiny spoolie is very functional and help in setting the wax properly, while defining the shape of the brows at the same time. It isn’t that hard and this tool is very helpful in grooming the brows.

• Angled Brush: I find the brush to be too hard and stiff. It doesn’t really help in applying the application anyway. I would rather prefer a separate brow brush to this one anytime, as it doesn’t pick or blend the powder properly.

• Tweezer – I am not used to using a tweezer, as I get my eyebrows done in salon on time. But a tweezer can be of great help in pulling the extra hair of your brows, in case you have a party to attend, you are running out of time and you do not have time to visit salon. I tried using the tweezer once, to see how this works and I found the tweezer to be a little tight, which makes the job a little difficult. I had to try three times, in order remove the extra hair underneath my brow. Also, the tip of tweezer is very sharp and many of you may not like it.


Overall, I liked the palette very much and I am satisfied with how it functions on my brows. It makes my brows look great by filling the gaps and instantly adds oomph to my face looks. I received a lot of compliments from my in-laws and my neighbor aunt after I tried this. My neighbor aunt was curious to know which brand product I have used to my brows. I am glad I purchased this and it is one of my new favorite additions to my vanity.


Moving on to its pros and cons…

Pros Of L.A Girl Inspiring Brow Palette Medium And Marvelous:

• Compact packaging.
• Travel friendly.
• Additional mirror.
• Attractive tin packaging.
• Smooth bendable wax.
• Pretty shade of highlighter.
• Texture of powders.
• Pigmented powders.
• Perfect brown shades of powders.
• Suitable for all skin tones.
• Defines the brows perfectly.
• Buildable.
• Light shade powder suitable for a subtle, natural look.
• Can create both natural and dramatic look.
• Staying power.
• A very functional spoolie.

Cons of L.A Girl Inspiring Brow Palette Medium And Marvelous:

• Hard angled brush is useless.
• Difficult to hold the tweezer as it’s a bit tight.
• Tweezer doesn’t really help in pulling hair easily.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend L.A Girl Inspiring Brow Palette Medium And Marvelous again?
Even though I liked this palette, I wouldn’t repurchase this again as I would like to try other brow palettes from high-end brands. I definitely recommend this brow palette to everyone and it is just perfect for beginners.

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