L.A. Girl LA Party Pink Color Balm Review

Hello everyone,

I have one more lip balm from LA Girl for you guys. In this post, I will be reviewing the “LA Party Pink” shade. You can read the review of “Rome Red” here.

L.A. Girl LA Party Pink Color Balm Review

INR 225 3.9 gm.

My Experience with L.A. Girl LA Party Pink Color Balm:

Packaging: The fun and cute packaging was what lured me into buying these lip balms! This lip balm comes in a very cute packaging! It has a neon pink coloured body with a transparent lid. The packaging feels kind of cheap to be honest, but it’s super cute! You can see the neon coral pink lip balm from the transparent lid as the lip balm doesn’t go all the way down. It sticks up and hence one has to be careful while opening and closing the lip balm.The rotating mechanism works well and shuts with a click. Overall, I love the packaging and I can easily throw them in my makeup pouch!

L.A. Girl LA Party Pink Color Balm outer packaging

Color/Pigmentation: “LA Party Pink” is a soft coral pink shade. It’s a much wearable version of Barbie pink color and looks super cute. It gives a nice wash of sheer pink colour and looks super natural on the lips. The pigmentation can be built up if you want. It gives the lips a very healthy pink shade with a nice sheen to the lips.

lip balm

Texture: The texture is very light and watery. You hardly feel that you have a lip balm on when you wear this. I have picked up red, orange and pink tinted balms because I can easily use them over my lipsticks and I generally wear these shades of lipsticks daily. The lip balm feels very smooth on the lips and creamy too! They go on smoothly on to dry lips and provide a nice amount of moisture. These don’t hydrate your lips, but they are great to take away the dryness instantly.

L.A. Girl LA Party Pink Color Balm swatches

Fragrance:  This lip balm doesn’t have a strong cherry fragrance like Rome Red. The fragrance is very muted and can be noticed only if you’re paying a lot of attention. Party Pink also has a cherry fragrance but very, very mild one.

L.A. Girl LA Party Pink Color Balm lip swatch

Staying Power: This lip balm stays on for 2 hours and it fades really quickly if you eat or drink something. The colour doesn’t fade away entirely, but you do have some colour left on the lips. It does transfer like crazy onto cutlery.

L.A. Girl LA Party Pink Color Balm swatch on lips

Pros of L.A. Girl LA Party Pink Color Balm:

  • Very cute packaging.
  • Sweet pink shade.
  • It is nicely pigmented.
  • Very smooth texture.
  • Goes smoothly even on dry lips.
  • Gives a surge of moisture to the dry lips.
  • Very mild fragrance.
  • Lightweight.

Cons of L.A. Girl LA Party Pink Color Balm:

  • A bit pricey because the quantity provided isn’t much.
  • Flimsy packaging.
  • Lip balm doesn’t go all the way down and sticks up, so one has to be very careful while opening and closing.
  • Transfers easily.
  • Low staying power.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase L.A. Girl LA Party Pink Color Balm?
Yes, I kind of like this lip balm, but I liked Rome Red the best!

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