Lakme Sun Expert Anti Darkening Sunscreen Review

Lakme Sun Expert Anti Darkening Sunscreen

I picked this Lakme Sun Expert mini tube few months back while I was shopping for this summer. Though I don’t get tanned very easily I wanted to try a sunscreen to see whether it makes any difference during summer. I particularly wanted a sunscreen for my face and this one was all I could find in that store. I was actually looking for Garnier sunscreen but I could not spot any.

Lakme Sun Expert ANti Darkening Sunscreen

I have a combination skin with my T-zone being oily, so I used to wash my face frequently and that is it. I have hardly used any cream for my face due to the fear of leaving my face oily. I was using Garnier Pure A face cream in a thin tube which was excellent for my skin, but unfortunately they discontinued the product. Might be this tube similar in size of Garnier attracted me for the reason that I don’t like applying anything more than little on my face.

Lakme Sun Expert ANti Darkening Sunscreen

I picked this up for 2 reasons that it is an anti-darkening sunscreen as my mum used to say the sunscreen I used during my school days turns my skin darker from when I never wanted to use a sunscreen. The next reason is it read the cream is very light and also gives a matte effect. So I was happy that I saved my skin turning oily.

Lakme says

It is a revolutionary light sunscreen. Its SPF 30 and UV filters have a unique two-way action. Not only does it protect you from all form of sun damage like tanning, sunspots and premature ageing but also lightening skin by regulating its skin-darkening pigments. With chamomile and marigold extracts, the sunscreen also has Insta – oil absorb complex that controls excess oil from the surface of the skin to give matte oil free look.

Directions to use

Smooth onto face and other exposed parts of the skin at least 20 mins before sun exposure. Give it a minute or two to be absorbed into skin before applying any make-up on it. Reapply every 3-4 hrs if needed.

The thin tube looks super cute that costs Rs.59 for 20 gms. This can be used as a trial pack and it is an advantage that it is available at this size so that we can try it few times before we actually decide to use it regularly. Though the tube is thin it lasts for more than a month. A little amount is sufficient and as it claims it doesn’t leave my skin oily. I just use it once a day in the morning. I didn’t notice any anti darkening effect on my skin at the same time it did not tan my skin as well. So thanks for that. 🙂 It would have protected my skin from tanning but I am not sure about the sunspots and premature ageing.

My friend who used this [who has an oily skin] said she is very much unhappy with this product as it makes her skin very greasy and oily. So people with oily skin please look at this. Though my face was not oily after few weeks it did break out my skin and I was really very upset about it. So I stopped using it with more than half the tube left out and I am very sure not to use this ever again.

Lakme Sun Expert ANti Darkening Sunscreen


  • Slim cute tube that is very attractive and the trial pack that allows one to test it first and then buy it.
  • Easy to carry around in our handbags and the lengthy nozzle and tight lid does not allow the cream to squeeze out.
  • Cost is not very expensive as this small tube lasts for more than a month. Even if used generously this would last for a month at least.
  • Readily available in any store nearby so no need to search for this product.

Lakme Sun Expert ANti Darkening Sunscreen


  • Skin Breakout: I have hardly faced this problem and that too not due to a cream. So this left me highly disappointed.
  • People with oily skin might feel greasy and oily after applying this so please don’t ever try this.
  • Not a good make up base due to its oiliness.
  • Did not help anti-darkening or sunspots or premature aging so far, so I am not sure how far this will work for others.

This is one product that left me completely disappointed. I would have not bothered even if it didn’t do what it claims but adding to that it did break out my skin. I stopped using it since last week and my skin is still recovering with few scars here and there. I don’t remember when last my face had any pimple or scar 🙁 until I used this.

Would I buy it again? Noooooo

Rating : :star: :star:

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33 thoughts on “Lakme Sun Expert Anti Darkening Sunscreen Review

  1. Ohh..too bad it didn’t work for you. I am just the same..combination skin scared to use anything because I might break out. Maybe you should look up ingredients on all products you try and don’t work for you – and try to find a pattern – pick products without those ingredients the next time. Especially for sunscreens..there are different ingredients which serve as the sunscreens, so though you might break out with one, you might not with another.
    .-= Radhika´s last blog ..New at the Chanel Counter – Lifestyle, Koramangala =-.

    1. Hey Radhika, that was a good suggestion. I’ll do it from here on and hope I will find a good one soon.:) Thank You.

  2. Nice post Aarthi 🙂 I’ve never always liked Lakme sunscreens. They only smell good in my opinion 🙁 You could try Neutrogena , no funky smell or oily residue. There is also one from Lotus ( i looooove lotus sunscreens) which is used esp to give a matte look 🙂

    1. Ill chk d ingredients and decide to buy one among these. Ive never tried Lotus products but Ive been using Neutrogena face wash that is really good, so I’ll first chk out Neutrogena. Thanks appu 🙂

  3. I can never think of picking up a Lakme sunscreen. Just picked up a bottle/ tube in my school days and then also I knew that they don’t work. 😛

    So sorry. 🙁 Pick up Lotus sunscreens, they have been very effective for most of us out here.

    1. hi i too picked up the lotus sunscreen after reading HD’s review :-)) ……n really liking it…u also should try this aarthi…’ll never put u down… :yes:

  4. Oh what a bummer. I remember ages ago when Lakme came up with something called TPF or TPI (tan protection index/factor) in their lotions. I was quick to get it off the counter and learned just as fast that there isn’t much you can do about preventing a tan besides wearing white or not going out in the sun.
    Great insightful review though!

  5. I got this long time ago and I still have it. I find the tube cute for the size but just hate the product. Also I feel sticky after applying. Didn’t like this much

  6. I bought this too and it has scored a zero from me as well:

    1. the smell, what’s with that horrible smell? trying to ‘make’ it smell herbal?
    2. i found it too thick to spread evenly. at one point i thought i should use a wet sponge to set it 😛
    3. it doesn’t come off completely with just soap and water. this might be the reason why you saw breakouts after some weeks as it might have accumulated on the skin – just my 2 cents.
    4. it stings the eyes like crazy if I accidentally apply it anywhere near my eye socket.
    5. in the garb of ‘evening out’ the skin tone, it leaves a pinkish white cast on my wheatish skin.

    my skin is very acne-prone, but it has not broken me out at all – that’s the only plus. btw, checked out the loreal uv perfect sunscreen the other day – 400/- for 30 ml. my first thoughts – expensive plus possible white cast.

    p.s. sorry about ignoring all punctuation, one hand typing here…

  7. Would you believe this Sonal? Whenever I think about you, you either mail me or you come on IMBB.

    Your revlon mineral foundation review is coming up today. Someone (surprise :)) wrote it for you. 🙂

    1. Great! Will check out the review – have waited for it 🙂 Tried the loreal true match liquid the other day – pink cast, pushy SA, accentuating pores, arrrgh! Then tried Clinique superfit liquid foundation – got a perfect match. Thinking of going back and purchasing it. Was not surprised since i had used this superfit foundation 8 years ago and it was a good match even then.

      Hoping to write a review of Clinique all about eyes eye cream as well when i can get about one full minute to myself. :wilt:

      1. Awww!!! I have also been running around from past one week. It’s been crazy and it’s going to be crazy for a few more days.

        I have never tried Clinique foundations. Very eager to know how they work.

        Loreal just doesn’t appeal to me. Might pick a fe lipsticks but other than that, it just doesn’t interest me…

        Good day and we’ll catch up for a coffee when we get “one full minute” for ourselves. :-*

  8. I am very hesitant about buying Lakme products after reading all the comments on IMBB…When it comes to sunscreens, Lotus herbals is my HG…it kept me tan-free on a 3 day trip to Goa…all sun n sand!…for someone who usually tans within 3 minutes, that’s saying something 😛

    (Rati, your sticky-out smileys are catching 😉 )

    1. Hi Jewel [Nice name btw] I think I switched my mind from Neutrogena to Lotus after the comments from all of you. Thank You 🙂

  9. I can never use Lakme sunscreens and moisturizers, I am very scared of using them….they break me out, turn my skin dull and grimy. This one is definately not for me even if it says anti-darkening. You can also use Lotus Herbals detan face pack, which I have tried after reading review right here on IMBB done by Smitha…….. 🙂

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