Lakme Sun Expert Sunscreen Cucumber Lemongrass SPF 50 Review

lakme sun expert cucumber lemongrass spf50 pa+++

Claims :

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Hypoallergic
  • High performance sunblock that gives complete UV protection, no matter how strong the rays are
  • SPF 50 gives 97% skin protection from UVB rays
  • PA +++ keeps skin completely safe from harmful UVA rays
  • Cucumber and lemon grass extracts moisturize the skin and make it glow even more
  • Available in 50ml for Rs 250/- and 30ml for Rs 350/-

lakme sun expert spf50 pa+++

What I like about Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber Lemongrass SPF50 PA +++

  • I like the texture of this sunscreen. It is between creamy to powdery texture and it does not feel greasy or oily at all.
  • It really has protected my skin from getting burnt. I have had no red patches or sun burns after using this sunscreen. I also didn’t see any major tanning of my skin even though i have roamed around in wee hours of afternoon. But I won’t claim that it is 100% tan proof.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy at all. It is actually quite lightweight.
  • This is meant for normal to dry skin (my skin type) and it keeps my skin quite comfortable through out the day. Neither does my skin get oily nor does it get stretchy.
  • It smells quite nice . Has a little citrusy tough to it, which I like.
  • A lot of times sunscreens make your face sweaty, this one doesn’t.
  • I love the pump bottle packaging. Great for travel purposes. it is quite nicely packed as well. I have not faced any kind of spillage with the bottle.

What I don’t like about Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber Lemongrass SPF50 PA +++

  • It gives a slight whitish cast when applied so you have to massage it in your skin. The whitish cast disappears but you you do have to work the product in your skin.
  • Never ever use this sun expert before getting your photographs clicked. you’d end up looking ghostly in pictures. It gives such a bad white cast in photos. It could be because of the super high SPF.

Swatch :

lakme swatch

blended : you can see the whitish cast, especially in the fine lines.

lakme- white-cast

Disappeared :

lakme SPF 50 blended

Overall, I do like this sunscreen. For arms and body, I would always stock it up since it does give quite a good protection. But on most days I do have to click photos so I’d probably skip this as a face sunblock. This is totally personal. It hasn’t broken me out or made my skin uncomfortable in any manner. It is quite an effective sunscreen and a very good one from Lakme.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-* :-* + 0.5 (totally deducted points for the whitish cast)

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40 thoughts on “Lakme Sun Expert Sunscreen Cucumber Lemongrass SPF 50 Review

  1. Hmmm the only fact i like abt it is dat it’s light weight πŸ™‚
    will surely keep this one in mind πŸ™‚ for trips to sunny places
    bt fr me i just need a light weight n light spf moisturizer fr daily wear as i start bfr d harsh sun rays begin and come afta the sun fully sets
    any suggestions for moisturizers dat will protect ur skin frm the drying effects of AC
    I have nrmal skin πŸ™‚
    i dont like sticky or greasy creams so light weight creams plz πŸ™‚

  2. nice review Rati. I did take your advice and a few others like Sim who were quite shocked that I had never used sunscreen. :yikes: I picked one up last week- the Lakme SunExpert Cucumber and lemon Grass fairness sunscreen (SPF 30 P+) for Oily skin (mine is oily/combination)..been using it regularly ever since. havent used it on my face yet. 😐

    thanks though..i realize now its a must have..

  3. @Rati sent a mail to you regarding a query, can you please go through it and post in Ask IMBB archive πŸ™‚ as I need suggestions from fellow imbbians πŸ™‚

  4. Some how just by seeing the packaging I could tell it would leave a whitish cast 😐 😐 😐
    My derma has recommended me a similar medicated sunscreen which leaves whitish cast,I toh dont have the option to chuck it will have to put up with it for a month :nababana: :nababana: :nababana: :nababana:

      1. Oh its a medicated one,the instruction says it should be sold only on the prescription of a doctor…I am on an acne treatment :(( :(( :((

        1. oh!! okayy :puchhi: bt in this one the whitish cast disappears thankfully. so you can easily use it. some sunscreens toh just sit on your skin with that datty cast. :yuck:

          1. I cant really say anythin about my sunscreen,I havnt really been out in the sun for more than 30minutes since I started using it,everything works fine in an ac enviroment.
            Lets see,if it makes me sweat much I will go back to the lotus one,you know 80% of my acne got cleared out in just 4 days.I am soooooo hapyyyy :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

              1. Hey Akhila
                my derm first got my blood test done and then prescribed me stuff according to my test reports,he said my blood was impure whereas my friend was told her acne was due to the wrong diet .That’s, I wouldnt recommend you the same sunscreen at all,if you are facing acne do visit a good derma near you ,I hesitated a lot but now I feel it was totally worth it :))

                1. I did visit a derma, she told me, I have to take oral chemotherapy, that scared me to the core, I did not have the courage to go back to her. Instead used the normal lifebuoy soap to clean my face, and it worked and worked very well. Now my acne is cleared to a great extent, I do have scars left behind but no more painful acne and I am currently using neutrogena 50+ sunblock and spf 15 moist lotion. Pretty comfy, but was curious to know what your derm prescribed. Good Luck

  5. I love Lotus herbals 3-in-1 matte so much I don’t think I’ll shift to any other ever! Tried the Lotus spf 50 spray and Lakme SPF 24 one from the range you’ve reviewed but neither of them match up to 3-in-1 matte! I like the packaging of this one though..very appealing! :))

    1. you have oily skin na ankita that’s why. I love the spf 50 sunscreen from lotus. It totally gets absorbed in my skin. i really like the thin texture of it. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Rati, I hv been following ur blog for sometime now. And I read d reviews when I need to buy something. Gr8 help that u guys r doing to d ladies!
    I hv used Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 normal to dry skin, but not with lemongrass. It came free (30 ml tube) with Vaseline Healthy White Triple Lightening Body Lotion with SPF 24 this summer. I hv 2 of these tubes. And I hv only tried it now in Oct when its not soooo hot.
    Although its light & non greasy, but since I hv dry skin, blending it is a real work. And in d end it leaves a white cast. For me d prob is that anything which leaves a white cast makes me look dark after half an hr or 1 hr! And so it happened with this also, which my mum & sis remarked. Already I m dusky complexioned.
    So I m not at all happy with this sunscreen, which I also mentioned to d SA at Lakme counter. May be I’ll give it try again in summers but I doubt it will be any better. πŸ™‚

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