Lavera NaturKosmetik Facial Cleanser Review

Lavera NaturKosmetik Facial Cleanser Review

Hey Ladies,

I took a break from writing articles and focused on my little baby and myself.  I hope you can forgive me! Anyway, today I am going to talk about my new favorite facial cleanser. The last one I used which was okay, it was the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser.  I am starting to get into organic products and this facial cleanser is also pure organic and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Lavera NaturKosmetik Facial Cleanser Review



To tell you a little bit about my night-time routine, basically I wet my face with water and then I take a tiny amount of the Lavera Facial Cleanser and rub it all over my face.  It will foam and that’s when I take my facial brush and exfoliate my skin.

I exfoliate my face almost every night. That step always dries out my face, but on the days, I don’t exfoliate my face, I don’t feel that the skin on my face is super dry.

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Lavera NaturKosmetik Facial Cleanser Review

It smells very fresh and “natural” if that makes sense. You can like smell the “organic” stuff in the facial cleanser.  I am not sure how to describe the scent very well but it says that it contains Gingko and Organic Grape.

The color of the facial cleanser is clear with a tint of light green. When I apply this on my face, I can almost feel that this is the healthiest cleanser I have used so far, but that may be because I know that it is an organic product!

Lavera NaturKosmetik Facial Cleanser Review

It contains 100 ml and I have bought and used this facial cleanser for about 2 months now. I think I have used up a little less than half of the bottle.

Lavera NaturKosmetik Facial Cleanser Review

Pros of Lavera NaturKosmetik Facial Cleanser:

  • Smells really fresh and good.
  • Foams well.
  • Makes my skin feel glowy and fresh.
  • Cleans very well.
  • Will last me for about 3-4 months, or 5 months maximum.

Cons of Lavera NaturKosmetik Facial Cleanser:

  • Not available everywhere.

Last Word on Lavera NaturKosmetik Facial Cleanser:

Love this facial cleanser. It is quite expensive but worth every dollar.  It does its job and cleans my face and I feel so good whenever I use this cleanser. I couldn’t find anything negative to say about this product. Sorry to tease the ones who aren’t able to purchase this, but this facial cleanser is the best one I have used so far.  You should totally try out vegan/organic facial cleanser and tell me if you notice a difference! Take care xoxo!

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    1. probably not -_- but the main key is to find an organic facial cleanser and i am pretty sure there are some vegan products available there in India 🙂

  1. Lavera has great stuff, I use lot of their products since I live in Germany and it is easy available here. Let me know if anybody needs some personal shopping on that brand.

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