Leaders Insolution Amino Pore Tight Mask Review

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It feels good to go back to college but at the same time, I could really use some more vacation time. Today’s review is another mask 😛

Let’s get ahead with Leaders Insolution Amino Pore Tight Mask:

Leaders Insolution Amino Pore Tight Mask

Approx. 278 INR for 25ml (1 sheet)

packet back side

Product description:
Leaders Insolution Amino Pore Tight Mask uses astringent ingredients containing zinc PCA and 17 different amino acids to tighten and moisturise the skin. This product is recommended for skin types with visible pores, uneven skin that does not take makeup well, and skin losing elasticity.


  • Superb moisturising factor of amino acids replenish and protect the skin restoring elasticity and balance
  • Tea Tree Oil and Zinc PCA offer sebum control, skin tightening and shrink of large pores
  • Effectively purifies skin with its antibacterial formulation

how to use pic on packet

Cleanse and dry face, then refine with toner. Apply mask for 15-20 minutes. Do not leave on until the mask has dried up as this will dehydrate your skin. Remove and tap your face for a while. Leave it for around 10-15 minutes for the essence to fully absorb.

My Experience With Leaders Insolution Amino Pore Tight Mask:

These masks come in colorful pouches. The description is at the other side of the pouch that mentions various detail. But, all of it is in Korean and I had to check the website for the all required information. The packaging is convenient for one time use. The mask is neither too thick nor too thin and fits my face perfectly. The mask is submerged in quite a lot of serum that can be used too.

skin type mention on packet

Since I have had oily skin lately, I have huge pores at the sides of my nose and chin. I don’t bother much about it until they lead to breakouts. This mask claims to shrink enlarged pores and tighten them. Honestly, it pretty much worked well on me.

sheet mask

After spending a day out, I could barely touch my skin laden with sebum and dirt. It could clog my pores, it lead to blackheads and acne. I had applied Leaders Insolution Amino Pore Tight Mask to use after spending a tiring afternoon in the sun. I did not have the patience to cleanup my skin so I left it for around an hour(yeah! I fell asleep). After which, all the serum had been absorbed completely. My skin felt relaxed, fresh and the pores were visibly smaller and tighter. The oil and grime had also vanished and they did not return until the next morning. It did not make my skin itchy or lead to breakouts like some of the masks in past did. It worked well for my oily skin. It is anyways recommended for oily skin types. I am glad this worked for me.

Pros of Leaders Insolution Amino Pore Tight Mask:

  • Convenient packaging for one time use
  • Is not too thin and fits perfectly
  • Lot of serum along with the mask to use
  • Moisturizes the skin well
  • Pores are visibly tightened and smaller
  • Effectively removes sebum and dirt
  • Gives skin a soothing effect and fresh feeling
  • Good ingredient list

Cons of Leaders Insolution Amino Pore Tight Mask:

  • Takes quite sometime for the serum to dry completely.

IMBB rating:

Would I recommend/re-purchase Leaders Insolution Amino Pore Tight Mask?
Among all the masks that I have ever bought, I think I loved this the most and it did worked well for my skin. I would highly recommend this to oily skinned beauties. I am thinking of getting this again anytime soon.

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