12 Lesser Known But Amazing Uses of Dry Shampoo

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It’s been a long time since I last wrote on IMBB. This month has been so crazy – placements, shifting to an apartment from the hostel. The stress of getting placed to a good company is really getting to everyone. It’s completely insane! *Fingers crossed* I think everyone has those days when there’s too much gunk on our hair and we are either getting late or are lazy to wash it off. For those days, Gods brought to us a magic spray known as ‘dry shampoo‘. We all use it to get the muck off our hair, but it can also be used in many more ways. Read on to find out more about it.

Dry Shampoo Uses

1. Volumize hair

Other than soaking up the grease, it volumizes hair and gives a perfect look to the second-day hair. Spray it through recently styled hair, waves or curls and get the desired volume. It also separates the individual strands of hair and can add perfect texture to the hair. It also does not weigh hair down.

2. Use as a hairspray

dry shampoo as a hairspray

If you dislike the sticky feeling of a hairspray then use a dry shampoo to give certain grip to your hair. Spray it all over your hair before making a hairstyle to give it support. This is best when you want to braid your hair. Dry shampoo will add the correct amount of grip without making your hair sticky. It gives your hair a non-slip, matte look. For additional texture, use your fingers to rub the dry shampoo on the braid.

3. Grip to bobby pins

It works really well to hold your bobby pins in place as well. We can have the bobby pins not slipping out of our hair anymore.

4. Sticky bangs

Bangs can be a tricky thing in the heat. If you are one of those who have sticky bangs in the heat and it’s getting completely stuck to your forehead, spray some dry shampoo on the underside of the bangs. And voila! There you go with nicely separated bangs. If this is the reason you’re avoiding getting bangs then fear no more!

5. Root touch up

colored dry shampoo to hide greys

Grey hair can be quite an issue for ageing women. They need to get touched up every few weeks. When you want to delay the colouring process, a coloured dry shampoo can be used to hide grey hair temporarily.

6. Provide flexibility

Most of us part our hair in a certain way and it’s mostly difficult to change the parting. Also, it’s difficult to get your hair to sleek down after an updo. To make it flexible, spray some dry shampoo on the roots of your hair and change your hairstyle in any way you want to.

7. Get your curls right

dry shampoo to define curls

We all love those loose, natural looking curls but it’s very difficult to get those right. They end up too curly either because you’ve had the iron on for too long or it is too hot. A way to make the curls spontaneous, spray dry shampoo evenly on your hair to make your curls separated rather than one big curl.

8. Handle oil spills

Those oil and grease stains on your favourite t-shirts make you want to kill someone? We have a solution for you! Use a colourless dry shampoo to soak up the grease from your clothes before you throw it in for the wash.

9. Mattify your hair

When to apply sheen spray or hair oil to your hair, you’ve to be really careful. For those days when your hand just slips and you end up with too much oil or spray on your hair, spray some dry shampoo and that sucker will give you a matte look instantly.

10. Bed head

We all love the bedhead texture. I, for one, am a sucker for it. Quite often I bathe at night and sleep with my hair wet so that I wake up with awesome bedhead look. To get bed head with dry shampoo, spray on your hair the night before and scrunch it up in a bun or braid, and end up with the most fabulous looking bedhead.

11. Odour buster

dry shampoo to remove odor from shoes

Quite often we have smelly shoes and some other items but simply no time to wash them. To get rid of the smell, spray some dry shampoo at night and leave them till morning. In the morning, you’ll end up with shoes which will smell like flowers. I’m pretty sure everyone hates smelly shoes.

12. Eyebrows taming

If you think your eyebrows need a little bit of plumping and fullness, spray some hairspray on your fingers and apply them to the brows to add volume. Also, if you want to add a little colour, use a tinted dry shampoo.

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