Living Proof Cell Recovery Night Hydration Complex

Living Proof Cell Recovery Night Hydration Complex

By Pragati S.

So, my first review here is going to be of a product by a brand I have recently discovered and have developed high regards for – Living Proof  (Splendina’s Living Proof, London), and the product is the Cell Recovery Night Hydration Complex) from their Phyto Placenta Range.

Living Proof Cell Recovery Night Hydration Complex

I am a strong strong believer in the importance of night creams, especially for dry-skinned women like me. A regular face cream tends to keep your pores blocked and it is thus not a good idea to use it at night.  Night creams are non-pore blocking and allow your skin to breathe while you sleep and over that they provide with intense moisture which you cannot carry during the day time, but which does you a great deal of good nevertheless.

This particular night (cream? gel? kind of) product comes packed in a cute little glass pump bottle carrying 30 ml of the product, with a transparent plastic cap and is priced at INR 435. I have never had any issue with the packaging. In the pictures, you might be able to spot the broken cap, that’s because I dropped the bottle by mistake (which itself still didn’t break by the way, despite being glass). The product itself is a peach-coloured gel with a mild fragrance which is pleasant and non irritating. The gel spreads very easily and you will need very less quantity of it in a go.


I have personally not seen it at retail stores, but have heard it’s available at Lifestyle and other chains. In any case, it can always be bought through their own website or through other online portals.

The bottle says intensive 24-hour moisturisation, regenerates cells.

Product Description:

Oxygenates, provides up to 24 hours of hydration, anti-ageing/anti-oxidant, feel velvety softness upon use.

Directions For Use:

Apply a thin layer of night hydration to the face and neck and massage with light sweeping motions. apply using light circular motion until the entire product is fully absorbed. for best results use every night after cleansing face. suitable for all skin types.  Living proof features Bio active Phyto placenta.



My Take on Living Proof Cell Recovery Night Hydration Complex:

I bought this product because I had used another product from the same brand, the same range, which was a face wash, and I had totally loved it, and wanted to try out another domain. I am going to repurchase it soon, will also be reviewing it here this time.

Now, despite the fact that I have used a lot of night creams and that none of them have been great except Nivea Visage’s range (which they stopped making a couple of months into it, years back), I would still give this product a thumbs up. It has not done anything miraculous for me, but it does provide that ever-elusive balance of moisturisation and lightness. For me, being a very dry-skinned person, the moisturization was still plenty, but psychologically not convincing, so I used to layer another night cream on top, but there were times when I ended up not doing that, and my skin never felt dry even with just the gel on. Its probably the best bet for a normal-oily skinned person, especially in summers or in humid cities.


This 30 ml has lasted me well over 2 months, maybe because one needs to apply a very less quantity, let’s say 2-3 pumps are more than enough for my face and neck (as shown in the pic).  It gets absorbed very quickly and completely. You wouldn’t feel like you have applied anything except when you realise how comfortable your skin feels (and when you’re dry skinned, you would know why that’s unbelievable without a product on).

All in all, its a very good night product, worth a try if you’re looking for a simple, basic, effective, light and affordable change.

Pros of Living Proof Cell Recovery Night Hydration Complex:

  • Decent product at a decent price.
  • Very moisturising yet light.
  • Simple, no fuss, mild fragrance.

Cons of Living Proof Cell Recovery Night Hydration Complex:

  • None except the fact that some people with dry skin might feel the need to layer.

Personally, its a product I would not repurchase as its not the right one for me, but would still definitely look for more intensive moisturisers from the same brand 🙂

IMBB Rating:


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19 thoughts on “Living Proof Cell Recovery Night Hydration Complex

  1. I too have heard good reviews of this brand! i too am in need of a good night cream..will def keep this in mind when purchasing! thanks!

  2. “Living proof cell recovery” – 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    its like biology name 🙂
    Never heard of this product.. good review pragati

  3. Hey Pragati….nice review…i really want to get a nice night cream..have combination skin (normal-oily TZone)…might give this a try!

  4. looking at the packing i thot it’s a foundation 😛
    bt i liked the pump dispenser it’s really fussy to pick up nyt creams in tubs n most of them use tubs

  5. Nice review pragati… try olay range.. my skin is combination-dry and olay night creams work super on me.. I too feel night creams are v essential in daily skin care.. 🙂

    1. thankyou laxmi 🙂 i have tried olay too, its good, but again, didnt do anything great. I guess its a case of heightened expectations ruining things now, yikes :s 😛

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