Nurture Replenish Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Complex

Nurture Replenish Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Complex

Today, I will be reviewing yet another product from “Healthspan’s Nurture” range. After having good experiences with “Healthspan’s Protect Moisture Boosting Face Serum” and “Intensive Night Repair Eye Contour Serum Capsules,” I decided to pick this one up some time back.

Nurture Replenish Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Complex

How It Works:

The Replenish intensive pigmentation reducing complex contains pure retinol (vitamin A) and skin lightening active kojic dipalmitate, phytoestrogens of soy bean and red clover extracts. This unique formula also helps redensify thinner, more fragile skin by increasing the production of collagen which can become depleted after the menopause. Antioxidant vitamins C and E also help protect skin from further damage.


How To Use:

You need to apply the cream at night to age spots and other pigmentation patches. It can also be used under your normal night cream.

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My Experience with Nurture Replenish Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Complex:

I have been using this for around 5 weeks now. I basically purchased this because I had developed some sun spots and I wanted to get rid of them.  The cream is pale white in colour with a perfect consistency. It gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. The smell is mild and though not medicinal, I don’t like it very much. After using it for more than a month, I do not find any improvement in the sun spots. The spots may have become just a tad bit lighter, but they are still there pretty much as they were a month ago. So, it has not helped me on that front.


However, it has firmed up my skin. Skin looks supple and taut. This is due to the retinol I feel. I have used other retinol-based products and they do actually reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, on that front, this cream gets thumbs up.



£12.45 for 30 ml.

Availability: On Healthspan Nurture Website.


This product contains Retinol, so its advised that you do a patch test before using to check suitability.  However, I have been using retinol-based creams and serums and my skin seems to be happy with it, so I did not do a patch test for this.

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Will I Repurchase Nurture Replenish Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Complex?

This is supposed to be a pigmentation-reducing complex, so it should reduce it; however, my spots are pretty much the same 🙁  It works well in reducing fine lines which is also good, but then, I have other serums specifically for fine lines and wrinkles. So, I will not be buying this again.

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18 thoughts on “Nurture Replenish Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Complex

  1. Nice review Dee,…

    Good morning all….. Too much rain here in Australia this week, and major flooding is predicted in where I live ,. :methinks: ..but I cannot stop commenting on IMBB :toothygrin:

  2. ohh… so sad… 🙁
    by the way nice review dee. :yes: :yes: … for once i thought i can lay my hands on some good anti pigmentation cream for my freckles but sigh… :((
    still waiting for a good anti pigmentation cream … :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

    1. Rati – I have used
      Intensive Night Repair Eye Contour Serum Capsules
      Intensive Night Repair Treatment Cream

      Both contain Retinol and are from Healthspan.
      Anf they work good

    1. Hi Indrani,

      I found this info a few months back when I was researching about retinol.

      Can I use retinol if I have dry skin?
      Yes. Those with very dry skin may have an initial period of light flaking, but generally, this is nothing to be concerned with. This is actually a stage called the retinoid effect, and is simply your skin acclimating to the vitamin A. It is generally a short period of time, and can be eased by skipping every other night until your skin has adjusted.

      I have combination skin and it has worked well for me.

      You can find more info on Retinol here –

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