Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss – Nick Review

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Today, I am reviewing a lip gloss for you – Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss in the shade “Nick.” I am more of a matte finish girl, but had picked this lip gloss on a whim especially due to its lovely appearance. Read on to find out how the lip gloss fared for me 🙂

Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss Nick

$18 for 0.19 fl oz/5.5 ml.

Product Description:
Create a stir with Lorac’s Lips With Benefits Gloss! This unique, hydrating formula is Paraben-Free and infused with antioxidants of Acai Berry, Pomegranate Extract and Vitamins C & E to help nourish and protect your kissable pout. These luscious glosses feature a menage-a-trois of swirling striped hues for a one-of-a-kind, high-shine finish with flirty, sexy color and a sweet CremeBrulee fragrance that will have you wanting more. No strings attached, no sticky entanglements, just a satisfying, silky-smooth application every time. Don’t be bashful, Lips With Benefits comes in many complementing shades to please you so you won’t have to feel guilty about choosing more than one color to love!


Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss Nick

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My Experience with Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss – Nick:

Packaging/Applicator:  Okay, so I have to admit this is the most stunning looking lip gloss that I possess. It has a swirling pattern of pink, white and golden which looks absolutely beautiful. The swirls appear different from different angles of the tube. It reminds me a little of those swirled candy canes. My pictures surely don’t do full justice to this beauty!

Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss Nick

But having said that, this very design is also a con because you are not sure of how the final shade is going to look on your lips. Also, the beautiful swirl/zig-zag pattern gets smudged after repeated use and eventually you are left with a monochrome lip gloss.

Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss Nick

The lip gloss is packaged in a sleek rectangular tube with a metallic cap. The cap shuts tight and there is no danger of leakage.  It has a doe-foot applicator which is typical of lip glosses. The applicator picks up just the required quantity of the product. It also makes the application easy even around the corner of the lips and the cupid’s bow.

Formula:  This lip gloss is thick in consistency and feels slightly sticky when you apply it, but it doesn’t feel sticky over time. It doesn’t bleed on the lips. The staying power of the lip gloss is really good. It easily stays on for around 4 hours and can survive light snacking. It feels absolutely comfortable and hydrating on the lips.

Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss Nick

Fragrance:  The lip gloss has a pleasant sweet caramel-like fragrance. The packaging mentions crème brulee fragrance and yes, that’s exactly what it smells like 😛

Shade:  Now, this is a tricky one. I was quite curious to see how all those swirls finally translate onto the lips.  When I swiped it on my hand, it appeared as a sparkly light pink. It appears as a light pink glossy tint on my pigmented lips. I was worried about the very visible shimmer particles in the tube, but they are not really visible on the lips and help to give a nice sheen to the lips.

Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss Nick

To summarize, LORAC Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss in the shade “Nick” is a visually stunning lip gloss which also has a pretty good formula and glossy finish. It looks like candy cane and smells like creme brulee, but are you willing to spend $18 on it?

Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss Nick

Pros of Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss – Nick?

  • Stunning packaging.
  • Glides smoothly on the lips.
  • Does not feel sticky on the lips.
  • Keeps the lips hydrated.
  • Gives a beautiful glossy, shiny finish to the lips.
  • Doesn’t bleed.
  • Stays on around 4 hours.
  • Pleasant fragrance.

Cons of Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss – Nick:

  • The swirl design eventually gets destroyed.
  • Difficult to tell how the gloss will look on the lips due to the swirl design.
  • Some of you may not like the sweet fragrance.
  • The shade might not show up on pigmented lips.
  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss – Nick?
If you do not have pigmented lips and are looking for a light pink tinted gloss, you can surely try this gloss.

Do I Repurchase Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss – Nick?
I already have another shade from the same range. I don’t think I will repurchase for that price.

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    1. Yeah, I was so disappointed to see the swirls disappear when you use it.. I wanted them to last forever 🙂

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