Beyu Sun Glow Powder Review, Photos and Swatches

What is Beyu Sun Glow Powder?

The absolute must have for glowing summer complexion/ fake tan. The duo coloured bronzing Golden Sun Powder with sun design provides a natural tanned look with delicate shimmer. Microfine powder provides an easy application. The star shaped texture in the center is also very beautiful when used separately.

Price: Rs 625 (Indian Rupees)

Shades Available: 2 (No-1 for dark skin tones, No-4 for medium to light skin tones.)

Beyu Sun Glow Powder
Beyu Sun Glow Powder

Why should you buy Beyu Sun Glow Powder?

  • For a gorgeous Sun Glow look, you have a bronzer and a highlighter in one compact case.
  • This tanning powder is absolutely non chalky. In fact, it is very silky.
  • The golden highlighter is highly pigmented while the bronzer is very buildable. This way the chances are very low that you would end up looking sun tanned rather than sun kissed.
  • The packaging is cute, especially I find the sun in the center very cute.
  • People with very fair complexions may also use this bronzer and it would give a gorgeous warm glow.

Sun Glow Swatch
Sun Glow Swatch

Why should you NOT buy Beyu Sun glow Powder?

  • Does not come with any sponge, brush or mirror.
  • Has a weird pricing. I mean is it a high end or a drugstore brand?
  • Has mineral oil and  lanolin oil in it. So if you are allergic to mineral oils or have an oily skin, this is not your cup of tea.
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All in all, I love this bronzer . It’s absolutely gorgeous and I have no complaints about the quality. But if you have Just Earth and Trace gold blushes from Colorbar, you don’t need to buy this one.

IMBB rating: 4/5

What is a bronzer?

Bronzer adds a tan to your skin without you actually getting tanned in sun.  Not everyone loves tanning so this is totally your personal preference.

Where should bronzer be applied on your face?

When you stand in the sun, all the places where the sun would naturally hit (kiss) your face and give you a tan- chin, high points  of cheek bones, nose and forehead. Always keep you hand light while applying a bronzer or else there are chances that you would go overboard with it and end up looking sun burnt.  Do apply a rosy or pink toned blush on the apples of your cheeks along with the bronzer. Why? Because when you go in sun, along with the brownish glow, you also get a reddish-pinkish flush on your cheeks. Bronzer alone might make your face look dull but if you are very fair and have naturally rosy cheeks, you may very well do away with bronzer alone.

My neighbours daughter, Tanvi gave me a balloon and a flower for launching forums yesterday. 🙂 She is in class 10th. 😛

Balloon and a flower
Balloon and a flower

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33 thoughts on “Beyu Sun Glow Powder Review, Photos and Swatches

  1. Awww… how sweet a gesture is that.. and the customized ballon is so damn cute..

    And since i made a whole definition on enthusiastic blogger for u, u must know the extent of love and success u are getting from people worlwide but most of all from fellow indians since u revolutionized the blog world for them.

    btw i started a post there at the reply and will be shooting u a mail soon regarding sum changes in the forum.. if u dont mind..

    1. Thank you so much priyanaka. I am indeed feeling blessed. 🙂

      I so need your reviews and feedback on forums. Do mail me about all the changes you want. 🙂

      *running to forums*

  2. Such a cute balloon! How sweet!
    This looks nice but yeah the price does put me off a little bit. It’s trying to look like Maybelline but with a bigger price tag 🙂


  3. How sweet of your neighbour to give you a gift for the forum launch..

    Now now are definitely tempting me with all these goodies 🙂

    Inglot first and now this Beyu..

    And like you said, price is indeed like “na idhar, na udhar”

    1. Beyu is a nice brand. In fact I am quite liking the lip pencil as well but actually the pricing is just difficult to digest. 🙂

      Showed the post to Tanvi today, she was jumping with joy. 🙂

  4. hey the customised baloon is so sweet…..n like the sun too….very cute…havnt used bronzers until now, not sure if i will start using one or no……

    1. A lot of women don’t like bronzers because tanned look is not something everyone enjoys. I love them. This reminds me that I need to stop buying them now. …:P

  5. I don’t use bronzers either.. I think they are really for fair skinned people.. Coz a person like me with dark skin will look really sun burnt with them.. Is it really so?

    1. It’s actually a myth. Bipasha Basu uses a bronzer for her looks. Infact, bronzer played a big role in her most talked about look in the movie Jism. Carol Gracias has a dusky complexion and most of her looks are created with liquid bronzers etc. ‘Bronzer gives a healthy glow to the face and especially for people who are not fair, it can do wonders . It is about selecting the correct shade of the bronzer and the application of it.

      It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but you may always give it atleast a one chance. Who knows. 🙂

      And I am not very fair either. 🙂

  6. What a sweet gesture, the balloon 🙂

    Congrats on the makeup and beauty forum. I signed up as soon as I saw your post..Yet to contribute,thou 😛

    Bronzer looks interesting..but for the life of me I wouldnt know how to use it as a contouring powder..(hint – tutorial please :D)

    1. The gesture was sweet indeed. Okay lemme try to either put up a post or a turtorial on contouring. 🙂

      Thanks for registering and do participate. 🙂

  7. tanvi seems to be a swtheart .. just 2 years younger than me 😀
    seems like we can chit chat 🙂

    n thanks for the swatches .. umm ..I have both “trace gold” and “just Earth” from colorbar .. buh Just earth seems to be a dirty pink brown blush to me .. do yu really think it can work as bronzer ?

    1. Palak, actually I used to make it work before I finally bought the real bronzers. But you want a proper proper bronzer I guess this would be an excellent stuff to indulge in. This has completely taken over my Inglot Bonzer. A lot of people don’t like to wear proper bronzers so just earth would give them their pinks and browns together and they can highlight with the trace gold. That would be somewhat close to the warm summery look. That’s why I wrote the tip. But if you love bronzers, this is not at a bad investment at all. 🙂

      Did I confuse you? 😛

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