L’Oreal Voluminious Smoldering Eyeliner in Green Review

L’Oreal Voluminious Smoldering Eyeliner in Green

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Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend! Today I am here to share my latest favorite eye liner from L’Oreal. We all are well aware of L’Oreal Voluminious smoldering wooden pencil liners, I own their black and brown wooden pencils too and recently one of my hubby’s friend gifted me this gorgeous army green sparkling eye liner. Please read on further to know more about L’Oreal voluminious smoldering green eye liner.. 🙂

L’Oreal VoluminiousSmoldering Eyeliner in Green

Price: $ 5-$9 for 0.087 Oz (2.48 g), price may vary store to store.


L’OrealVoluminiousSmoldering Eyeliner in Green

What L’Oreal Claims About Its product: Dare to go from everyday to exotic with Voluminous®Smoldering Eyeliner. The secret to its intensity is in the dark kajal formula. Used for centuries by women in India and other Eastern parts of the world, kajal is a richly intense black ingredient that delivers stunning definition. And with Voluminous® Smoldering Eyeliner’s unique conal tip, it glides on effortlessly for a dramatic, captivating eye look.

Includes custom sharpener to maintain contouring pencil shape.

L’OrealVoluminious Smoldering Eyeliner in Green

Packaging: This shimmery eye liner from L’Oreal comes in as usual wooden chubby pointed pencil packaging like other voluminious smoldering eye liners. This is the first and only glittery liner in this range I guess for I own black & brown which do not have shimmers. It is fragrance free and quiet sturdy with transparent plastic safety cap for mess free and travel friendly experience.

L’Oreal Voluminious Smoldering Eyeliner in Green

My take on L’Oreal Voluminious Smoldering Eyeliner in Green:

I loved their concept of kajal formula which makes them pigmented and safe enough for water line as well. I have been using kohl since my childhood and cannot live without kajal even for a day, it makes my eyes more defined and big thankfully without discoloring white cornea of eyes. I loved L’Oreal voluminious smoldering liner for the same fact that it never irritates or accentuates any issue even if we use it on water line, I have already used black and brown liners and they have never bothered my eyes.

However I find this particular green liner slightly different as it has shimmers which might bother my water line. Although I used it on water line couple of times and never felt any irritation or pain, but still I would like to wear it on lower lash line away from water line. Coming over to the shade, it seems pure army green with silver sparkles which make it ideal for any party or winter night outs. I usually apply it on lower lash line and it just defines and gives that perfect kohled look to my eyes. I had never used green before and when I got it, I was amazed to see how it gave a bold look to my eyes just like smudged kohled eyes. It gives intense green pigmentation with tons of sparkles in single swipe on my lash line and I usually swipe it 2 times for thick smudged effect.

L’Oreal Voluminious SmolderingEyeliner in Green

Usually it smudges very easily on my upper lash line as my eye lids are oily hence I avoid using it on upper lash line unless I use a primer and powder to set it.

The texture is super creamy, this pencil slides easily like butter on my eyes. It does not bother my sensitive skin, no tugging no pulling and shows up very nicely on all yellow, red, few white, green and black outfits paired with pink, plum lipcolors. I use it almost everyday with every outfit and love hearing wonderful compliments from everyone. Needless to say this is my favorite shade from now onwards after black kohl. It shows up very boldly and beautifully on my eyes and after using this green liner I don’t feel like using brown or other liners on my eyes. It usually stays for good 6-8 hours on my eyes and even if it fades away it gives that perfect smudged kohled effect to my eyes which is super awesome.

I have no issues while going to bed with this eye liner on my eyes as it is safe and I never observed any patchy or discolored cornea ever since I used them. They are easily washable with mild soap or I may simply wipe them off with oil. I whole heartedly recommend this green shimmery eye liner to all of you it is amazing but yes it may smudge on oily eye lids which should be taken care of!

L’Oreal Voluminious Smoldering Eyelinerin Green

Pros of L’Oreal Voluminious Smoldering Eyeliner in Green:

• A true army green eye liner with silver sparkles just apt for winters and night parties
• It shows up very beautifully on eyes
• It does gives smudged kohl effect to eyes which totally adds glam to our face
• They are inspired from kajal formula hence safe enough to be used on water line, though I still use it on water line very rarely
• It gives that bold kohled effect in just one swipe and those shimmers totally add glam effect on eyes
• The texture is super soft and creamy inspite of shimmers, no tugging no pulling
• It is intense pigmented with loads of silver shimmers which gives bold précised line in single swipe on both lash line and water line
• It won’t accentuate any issues nor irritate our sensitive cornea or eyes
• It is really gentle on eyes even if we use it over night, I always sleep with it and never experienced any issue so far
• It stays on lower lash line for as long as 6-8 hours thereafter smudging pretty gracefully which is super awesome
• A pretty chubby pencil and travel friendly packaging with sharpener as well

L’Oreal Voluminious Smoldering Eyeliner inGreen

Cons of L’Oreal Voluminious Smoldering Eyeliner in Green:

• It hardly stays for an hour on water line if I use it by chance
• It smudges easily on oily upper eye lids hence need careful handling
• It has shimmers hence I feel little scared of using it on water line even if it claims to be 100% safe

For me this green liner is a win win product despite of its limited usage. I believe shimmers play an important role in making this liner much beautiful and bold, I am really bowled over this shimmery liner. I highly recommend it to all of you, I am sure you will love it like anything! First time in my life I loved a sparkle eye liner which is intense thick and pigmented. Do try it gals it is worth trying! Hope this helps!

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