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Being a die-hard fan of hand made soaps; I was longing to try out one from the most popular Lush brand. Unfortunately we don’t have a store at my place and that wish stayed un-fulfilled for a long time. Few days back I read somewhere that Lush is offering 50% off on selected Limited Edition products and I was determined to utilize the opportunity at any cost. As given in their website, around 8 products were there in the discounted list and I chose Snow Cake since I have heard this is one of their best sellers!!I decided to proceed by placing the order online, however the shipping charges were a bit high which would practically nullify my savings as per offer, but left with no other choice, I went ahead.

Lush snowcake soap

PRICE: Rs: 315 for 100gm; I got it for Rs 158 (50% discount) +Shipping charge-Rs 167, so total came to around Rs 325.

“Marzipan-scented Soap Cake. The blend of Rose, Cassie and Benzoin gives Snowcake its irresistible scent; but those oils are also great for the skin, too. Your body will be silky smooth and ready to face the cold outside. Rose absolute is often used to soothe and moisturise dry or rough skins. It helps to create a smoother effect.”
So, wondering what is this Cassie and Benzoin which Lush is using in quite a few of their products? Here come the details: (Source Lush UK website)

Lush snowcake soap

Cassie Benzoin
Cassie is a member of a fascinating acacia-genus of trees and shrubs from which ancient materials with modern uses originate. In the south of France, Acacia farnesiana is cultivated for the perfume industry. The flowers are well known and highly esteemed for the perfume oil they yield. The flowers are globular and golden with a scent of violet and orange blossom. The odour is both spicy and floral. Aroma therapists use it for treating depression, nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions where its beautiful, sunny note uplifts the spirits. Cassie absolute is a popular aphrodisiac – undoubtedly due to its beautiful aroma.
Benzoin (Styrax benzoin) belongs to the Styraceae plant family. It is extracted from tender, evergreen trees of 25 feet in height, where the resin collects in small incisions made in the bark. These trees are found in the rich woodland and swamps of Sumatra and around the world in places such as Thailand and Java. The two main chemical constituents of benzoin are coniferyl cinnamate, an ester, and sumaresinolic acid. Esters are said to have powerful relaxing properties on the skin, and benzoin is commonly used to calm irritation in cracked, sore, and very dry skin conditions. Benzoin is best known for its sweet, balsamic, vanilla and ice cream-like essence. Benzoin is also used for its warming qualities, believed to stimulate blood flow and ease aching muscles.


Water, Propylene Gzycol, Sodium Palmkernelate, Perfume, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Titanium Dioxide, Benzoin Resionid Ingredients.

Lush snowcake soap

My Experience with Lush :

Before talking about the product, I must say am thoroughly impressed with the Lush Team – the professionalism that they exhibited while dealing with my small order is commendable. I placed my order on 17th Jan evening and got a mail confirmation from them on the same day. The website I found very user friendly and placing an order was so easy and fast! On 20th Jan evening I got a call from Lush, Bangalore apologizing for a short delay in product dispatch- the funniest part is that until they informed I never realized that there was a delay since it was hardly 2-3 days back I placed the order- can you really call it as a delay when people wait for product delivery for many weeks together? Well, I found the lady who called me very polite and she confirmed that I would receive the courier within 2 days. To my surprise I got it the very next day afternoon. So, hats off to Lush team for their customer sensitivity and LONG WAY TO GO!! Now I don’t even regret for paying that extra bit for their products, ultimately true customer service is what matters the most!

What I liked the most in Lush Snowcake:

  • I love the fragrance- very relaxing and not overpowering, lingers on for quite some time after bath.
  • Skin doesn’t feel dry but at the same time gives a squeaky clean effect.
  • Contains natural ingredients which are good for skin.
  • Nature friendly packaging.
  • Last but not the least- excellent customer friendly approach.

What I dint like in Lush Snowcake Soap:

  • Price is on the higher side, especially the shipping charges if you order online.
  • Melts away quickly unless you keep it in refrigerator, thus making it a cumbersome process of cutting out small pieces and using.
  • It says 106 gms on the pack but real quantity was much less.
  • Doesn’t lather much but I feel it is quite ok, for the natural ingredients listed.

So my first experience with Lush was not bad and the quality is good enough for the price – but I might not repurchase this unless Lush opens a store at my place. My rating would be :-* :-* :-* +0.5

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  1. :thanks: :thanks: Shyna!!! :inlove: :inlove: I also want these divine smelling soaps!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

    1. so sorry neha, cant access my mails…my laptop acts too funny nowadays..i think i should buy a new one- got it repaired 2-3 times but still some at office now and personal mails cannot be accessed from here…will check somehow and reply by monday

          1. Oh my mom also uses Lush soaps Shyna, and she tho stays in Kerala naa. You should keep them out of water..but they do disappear quite fast because a lot of oils in them.

  2. Actually cutting out the soap in small pieces is a nice idea, Shyna. :)) And really hats off to the online shopping option. I think many more companies should come up with online shopping. It makes shopping so much easier for people who dont have access to company stores in their city.

    1. cutting is s a good idea..but it is difficult to use those small pieces i feel..u r right, online shopping is good but high shipping charges is a real problem!!!

      1. yeah 167 is a lot of shipping for a product worth Rs 150. But I wonder if the shipping charges increase when you buy more products. Like on a stuff worth rs 1000, shipping charges of Rs 167 is just fine …

          1. Rati – the shipping charges don’t increase so exorbitantly with increasing price/quantity. I have bought stuff for 2000 and paid around 200 (dont remember exactly)…is a bit of a loss to buy just their soaps if you are buying only will spend half the amount in shipping!

  3. mmmmm….the name itself is sooooo yummy….. :eat: 😛 do they have any vanilla flavoured soap/lotion/shampoo/cream/anything??? plzzzz anyone tell me if there are any vanilla flavoured stuff in any brand..i’ll run and buy them :happydance:

        1. i have the lotus vanilla smooth body lotion and i love it to bits!! :heart: :heart: :heart: will grab st ives next time if i can..coz i didn’t find it anywhere here :jiggy1:

            1. Vanilla in the Mist – soap (ask Rati about this one – she has used it)
              Vanilla Delite – lotion
              Their new Love Birds soap is supposedly vanilla-jasmine – not smelled it so no idea.
              Sympathy for skin – body lotion is vanilla smelling too I think..

  4. dis post reminded me of another brand of similar soaps in exotic flavors…Ciel Pur…might be digressing here but neone from hyd have any idea what happened to this brand/store?

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