Lux Fragrance Deo Spray – Magical Spell Review

Lux Fragrance Deo Spray – Magical Spell Review

Hello Ladies,

Lux India has recently launched its deodorant range and I was tempted to try it out. Last weekend, I picked the Lux Fragrance Deo Spray – Magical Spell.

Lux Fragrance Deo Spray Magical Spell Review

Product Description:

Spray on to revitalize your senses with its fragrance and stay fresh all day long. Indulge yourself with irresistible scents of exotic black orchids and juniper oil. You can apply this rich fragrance all over your body and mesmerizing scents inspire people around you all day long. Lux launched it in 4 variants:

  • Lux Fragrance Deo Spray Peach Blossom.
  • Lux Fragrance Deo Spray Sweet Petals.
  • Lux Fragrance Deo Spray Loving Touch.
  • Lux Fragrance Deo Spray Magical Spell.


Magical Spell is a statement fragrance, brought to you as part of Lux Fine Fragrance Elixir range, an exclusive collection of uniquely formulated body washes, composed by the world’s best perfumers. Composed as a complex yet delicate bouquet of floral notes and infused with Fragrance Pearls™, these tiny capsules contain a blend of the finest perfume oils giving you an intoxicating scent that lingers long after you step out of the shower.  Enjoy Magical Spell’s bewitching fragrance and unleash your sensual and attractive self.


Rs. 150 for 150 ml. Valid for 36 months from the date of manufacturing.


It comes in an aerosol spray bottle, like all deodorants.



The Lux Fragrance Deo Spray Magical Spray has a very strong fragrance of Orchids and Juniper Oil and it is very pleasing to the senses.


Alcohol Denat. (96% v/v) Content: 48.6% w/w, Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Perfume.

My Experience with Lux Fragrance Deo Spray – Magical Spell:

I love Lux Body Wash Range, especially the Lux Body Wash Magical Spell and when their deodorants hit the market, I had to try it. As the name suggests, “Magical Spell,” the deodorant truly works magically. The deodorant when sprayed doesn’t lead to any burning sensation and it gets absorbed immediately.  I have sensitive underarms and hence I don’t get adjusted to any deodorant quickly, but Lux Deo worked fine for me. It didn’t lead to dark underarms. If you are someone who stay outdoors a lot, then it would require using the deodorant again after 2-3 hours of application. For indoors, this deodorant works the whole day.


It doesn’t make your under arms fair or anything and it hasn’t claimed that too. I noticed only one problem with this deodorant and that is it contains alcohol. We have unlimited brands which offer alcohol-free deodorants.


Pros of Lux Fragrance Deo Spray – Magical Spell:

  • Price.
  • Keeps skin fresh for hours.
  • Fragrance.

Cons of Lux Fragrance Deo Spray – Magical Spell:

  • Contains alcohol.

Would I Recommend Lux Fragrance Deo Spray – Magical Spell?

Definitely, yes!

IMBB Rating:


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11 thoughts on “Lux Fragrance Deo Spray – Magical Spell Review

  1. I saw this deo in a store and was wondering whether it will be good or not. Thanks for the review Priya. I can get this now 🙂

  2. Hi Priya,…

    This looks cute ,….I thought lux do body washes only ,….cant wait to try though….havent seen this in Aus yet

  3. Lux Loving Touch is my favourite. It has the pleasant fragrance of lily petals which is very mild. I tried out magical spell too, but I found loving touch to be better smelling. Priya, the review written by you is detailed and very good. Thank You

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