Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash

Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash

Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash

Product Description:

Enjoy the sensation of moisturized soft skin with Lux peach and cream body wash, enriched with exclusive silk protein extracts and peach cream.  It forms a light creamy layer that wraps your skin, helping to hold the moisture that it needs.

Price and Quantity:

55 INR for 125 ml.



My Take on Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash:

Being a body wash junkie, I am always on the lookout for new body washes in the market or those body washes that I am yet to try 😉 So, when I spotted this body wash, I had to buy it.  Also, their key ingredients peach and cream was reason enough to lay my hands on this body wash as it sounded too yummy 🙂

Body Wash

The product comes in an all-white attractive packaging and the creamy body wash is pale white in color . Priced at 55 INR for 125 ML, I consider it to be a great value for money.  The consistency of the body wash is just right, “neither too thick , nor too runny” type. The cap is in a flip form and is sturdy enough, so no problem in carrying it around during travels.

Now, coming back to the product, the body wash has a very pleasing scent though I would have liked it to smell a little bit more of peaches.

Body Wash

The body wash lathers well, though to make it work, you have to scoop a little extra amount out of it. The body wash does not leave any slippery feeling on the skin after bath, keeps the body well moisturized and gives me that refreshed feeling I long for after a long and tiring day at college. 🙂 Overall, it’s a good body wash for people on a budget or people who just like me can never have enough of body wash: P.

Now, coming to the pros and cons 🙂

Pros of Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash:

  • Easily available.
  • Decently priced.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Good value for money.
  • Smells amazing.
  • Lathers well.
  • Does not leave the skin dry, hence moisturizing.
  • Gives a refreshed feeling.

Cons of Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash:

  • The fragrance does not linger for long (however, considering the price, its not a con for me).

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14 thoughts on “Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash

  1. There was a time i used to be obsessed with lux body washes. dint know they were avil in smaller bottles too now. Will pick this one up. Would finish up super soon too. :))

    1. yeah i really love the concept of introducing the body washes in small bottles 😉
      its about to get over , and i am already thing of , what to get as my next body wash 🙂

  2. I like the creamy texture of the LUX body washes..
    Otherwise the watery texture ones just deprive me of that ‘I have had a Bath’ feeling..:p

    1. even i love creamy body washes , i feel it leaves my skin much more clean when compared to the gel body washes 😉

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