MAC Fresh Brew Lipstick Review, Swatch, Look

MAC Fresh Brew Lipstick

fresh brew lipstick

Price : Rs 990

MAC describes Fresh brew as creamed coffee.

Fresh Brew is a lustre finish lipstick. The color is neutral tan brown. It is a great n*de shade for those with NC 43-45 skin tone. In fact, those with light skin tones and looking for a tan brown coloured lipstick should check this out. On my NC 35 skin tone, I feel it does nothing to my complexion. Very rarely if I am going for a particular kind of Β a makeup look (mostly smokey eyes or deep blush color, I would use Fresh Brew. But other than that I don’t find this color very flattering on myself.

It is a lustre finish lipstick so the finish and texture is excellent. It is a semi opaque lipstick. In fact it becomes completely opaque with 2-3 swipes of color without getting cakey. It goes on smoothly on lips and never settles in fine lines. The staying power is good 4 + hours and it fades evenly. It is a very hydrating lipstick and feels very light on lips.

It has a lovely vanilla fragrance but barely any taste.

Overall, I feel Fresh brew is a great lipstick but the color is quite tricky to work with. Either it would work for you or it would not. So choose wisely and definitely try it on your lips before purchasing.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 3.9/5

mac fresh brew lipstick

fresh brew

Swatch :fresh brew swatch


mac fresh brew swatch

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38 thoughts on “MAC Fresh Brew Lipstick Review, Swatch, Look

      1. Its bcome my new go to lippie on rushed mornings when im running late fir work and no time to even swipe on some liner! Looks nice

  1. my heart skipped a beat wow
    u know some days i totally dig this look
    and this is similar to some nyx round lippies na
    this is the rani mukerjee look which u did a better version of πŸ˜€

  2. Me scared to try such colors…makes me look like a Zombie!
    But really nice to see you, bahana chaiye bas! πŸ˜€

  3. I agree with you Rati! It will only go with very heavy eye makeup – but for that I think Jubilee is a better n*de. Your eye makeup is looking pretty though πŸ™‚

  4. Such lovely smokey eyes Rati! I can never do a smokey eye acche se. I look like a raccoon :'(
    I have fresh brew though. The one and only lippie i have from mac… Lene mein thoda sa gadbad ho gaya tha. Thought it was looking good at the store, but now i find it a bit dull n washed out on me. Nevertheless, not giving up, i mix it with a pinkish brown lipstick sometimes. (When i dont want an obvious pink). Works out fine then. πŸ™‚

  5. Such lovely smokey eyes Rati! I end up looking like a raccoon whenever i try it πŸ™
    Anyway, the only lippie i have from mac is fresh brew. At the time of buying it looked like a nice colour. But it washes me out, when i tried it at home. Nevertheless, not giving up, i mix it with a pinkish lippie to get a good shade of nudish pink brown. Quite wearable that way. Yaay!

  6. As you said this color is not flattering, i think better n*de colors are available than this.. this is toooo brown..

  7. I was looking at your hair more than the lipcolour ,….it looks really healthy and glossy … use the L’occitane repairing mask ryt ?

  8. the lippie would hav worked if it had atleast a tiny bit of peachiness to it…..brown is so blah n its always a miss for me… are maroons-they make me look older-now im wishin i could stay in my 20’s forever :-)…..loved your smokey eye-do try variations in other colors too-im sooo into doin smokey eyes with my pigments these days….they’re oh so simple n fun…..

  9. I think I like this lippie …not for everyone but I guess…it’s different from all the pinks and peaches and corals and can b used once in a while. I would pair it with plain black shirt, some light washed jeans and lots of black eye liner…would look great I guess πŸ™‚

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