MAC Jealousy Wakes EyeShadow Review

MAC Jealousy Wakes EyeShadow

This review is for yet another green eyeshadow which is MAC Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow! What a name! It comes from a collection which was launched in the respect for Bloggers! Some selected bloggers came up with their own shades and ideas and were allowed to launch a MAC shade! They own Blogger’s Obsessions Collections! And this collection is newly launched; online only.

Anyways this was a shade which seemed to me totally peacock kind of green. It felt wearable and was versatile enough, and hence I bought it after watching some swatches online. Mac website says its Emerald green with teal and gold pearl.

Here are the snaps of the Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow and swatches as well.

mac jealousy wakes EyeShadow

Jealousy Wakes is from family of Veluxe Pearl eyeshadows, so it has Pearl in it! But I found somewhat of silverish sheen in the green, that made it looked like satiny green. It looks more silver than golden pearl it claims. And Jealousy Wakes nothing like what they show on MAC website…that’s horrible bright green color!


This is the close look up of the eyeshadow….its pretty tempting color to buy!

Anyways I paid $14 for the eyeshadow since this was a limited edition and will perhaps not be available in refill pans ever. But I love the shade!

The Pros of MAC Jealousy Wakes EyeShadow:
1) It stays on longer…and longer! Under the primer, it stayed on almost whole day for me!
2) It has great pigmentation and very little fall-out if any.
3) You can see the color is quite versatile enough to pair with pinks, browns, other greens or blacks!

I cannot think of any cons for MAC Jealousy Wakes EyeShadow, except some people may not like family of green colors! But believe me; playing with colors has its payoff…if you play it gently. I like to apply it as thick eyeliner on my upper eyelids and then applying thin black eyeliner on top of it! It looks beautiful! I have also paired it with browns, by doing inner-half lid green and outer half brown….and blended in well.


See that color is more kind of emerald green when applied on finger….and then swatch at the back of the hand shows very subtle hue of satiny-emerald green color.


So there you go! I hope you enjoyed reading my review!

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36 thoughts on “MAC Jealousy Wakes EyeShadow Review

  1. wow nia… this is so tempting green color… would look awesome with traditional look specially… me very impressed with it :yes:

  2. wow! but it looks very similar to MAC Peacocky Eye Shadow in EGO.. i expected Jealousy wakes to be more of an Emerald”y” green 🙂
    but a nice shade no doubt! 😀

  3. Nia this looks like a lovely green. :)) I thought the Bloggers collections was really cool and until now I still want, really really badly, the Sonoran Rain lipgloss!

    1. heheheheheh…..hahahahha…..hehehehehe…..jealous?

      dont be….they will re-launch this if it gets popular! :whistle: :thumbsup:

      1. This message was for Shai, not you Shivani…it was oops….

        Anways I will do FOTD for greens when I get chance this weekend…..

  4. I was eyeing this and hocus pocus. But this collection is all sold out here. But I’m still trying to get something online. Nia jealousy wakes will look grt on you 🙂

  5. OMG you got Temptalia’s Jealousy Wakes!!!! :woot: I am very fond of greens and this shade is so so gorgeous! Please do an EOTD with this soon!

    1. Yes, I did…..its such a nice green…..peacocky blue, green is my favorite kind of colors… just rocks on anyone!

  6. Nia….such a pretty colour…..I have the same colour in Oriflame Giordani…..but it dries out completely on the eyelids…. :weep:

    1. Oh…..also under a primer?

      this one is really satiny kind… shouldnt dry….have you tried any one of the Veluxe Pearl eye shadows?

  7. this is a tempting green shade :yahoo: :yahoo: & u made it all the more droooll worthy wid ur review.. 😉 :thumbsup:

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